The Kitchen (2019) A Review

Gangster Moms with guns, how could it possibly go wrong? Quite a bit apparently.


DIRECTOR:Andrea Berloff

STARRING:Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, Elizabeth Moss.

SCREENPLAY:Ollie Masters & Ming Doye (Comic Book Series) Andrea Berloff (Screenplay)


RUNTIME:102 mins

★★★ 3.5 stars

The pretence for this film was a good one. Three Married women take over from their Mobster husbands after they get sent to prison for 3 years. Obviously as women, and it being set in the seventies, they meet resistance at every turn. The film follows the story of these women and what happens once their husbands’ return home.
See, that is a pretty good plot idea. Sadly however it was done so much better in 2018s movie of a similar vein “Widows” starring Viola Davis. So this one already had a big job ahead of it, making me forget, or stop comparing the two. Unfortunately, it didn’t do that job.

To begin with, I know movie viewing always requires a certain amount of suspension of belief, but I cannot, in a film that is meant to be a thriller, and grounded in reality, believe that any of the mobsters in this film would have hesitated to shoot any of these women. Immediately. Without guilt or hesitation. They are all depicted to be the worst type of men, and yet are apparently not ballsy enough to take out 3 middle-aged women who are messing with their business.

Elizabeth Moss’ story is the most interesting, and yet the most bizarre of the 3. Starting out as a battered housewife, she is by the end or it, almost a sociopathic killer. Thanks to the encouragement of her new boyfriend. Their romance adds a good amount of emotion to the story, but felt weird and rushed in a film that already suffered from an overcrowding of side-stories.

The ending had me both confused and unsatisfied. Melissa McCarthy’s character seems to do a complete 180 in a very short space of time in regards to her husband. She was constantly the voice of reason amongst the women throughout the entire story, and then that is forgotten incredibly quickly. As was the animosity between her and Tiffany Haddish’s character, a story that I feel would have had more closure had they not ‘mended’ their differences. I feel the end of this film was rushed and ended very convieniently, for no reason other than to wrap up all loose ends.

A good premise, but not excecuted to it’s best ability. Disappointing.

Judge for yourselfThe Kitchen is in UK cinemas now.

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