Countdown (2019) A Review

It’s just like Final Destination, but worse and with apps and Sexual Harassment.


DIRECTOR:  Justin Dec

STARRING:  Elizabeth Lail, Jordan Calloway, Talitha Eliana Bateman


GENRE:  Horror/Thriller

RUNTIME:  90 mins

★★ 2 Stars  

WOW! So I have always had a penchant for really tacky and bad horror movies.  They always have some kind of redeeming quality, even if it is how hilariously bad they are.  Sadly, this one had no redeeming quality…at all!

This film centres around the idea of a cursed app (yes really.)  If you download the app, it tells you how long you have to live.  However once the timer runs out, you start to be stalked by a grim reaper looking dude and ghosts of dead friends and relatives right up until… you die.  And how do you beat this terrible evil?  By beating death and staying alive longer than your timer, or if someone dies BEFORE their timer runs out.  Are you seeing the similarities to Final Destination yet? Cheating Death etc. etc.

So besides that fact that this story has been done, a lot, and not always in the most successful and enjoyable way, what else is there to say about this film? Well, none of it is memorable.  The scenes that are supposed to be emotional, just fall flat. You don’t know or care enough about any of the characters to make these scenes carry any emotional weight.  You find out very little about anyone in the film at all really, they are all very shallow.  The Mobile Phone Sales Guy is probably the character in the film with the most personality and he is on screen for approximately 3 mins.  

And can we talk about the ending?  So yes, Peter Faccinelli’s character was a complete a**hole, and really did deserve to be hit with that tire iron, but he is literally there to serve the ending of the film, he serves no other purpose at all, another wasted character.  And then the ambiguousness f the final moments of the film where it looks like they are hoping to hold the door open for a sequel? Please God no!

I can’t tell if this is meant to be a cautionary tale about reading the terms and conditions or if someone genuinely thought this idea was going to do well, but sadly neither are true and this whole film was a disaster.  

If you want to out yourself through this, Countdown is out in UK cinemas now!

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