Black Widow (2019) What we know so far…

To kick off Phase 4 of the cinematic universe, Marvel have made, what is to me an odd choice, and are choosing to set us off with the ‘Black Widow’ solo movie. Now whereas this has been a loooong time coming, after the events of Endgame, this does seem like a strange choice of film to pick back up with. Either way, regardless of how you feel about it, I have compiled all the information that we have been given so far about Marvels most imminent release.

Movie is set between Civil War and Infinity War. And it has been reported that Natasha will be ‘very much on her own’ during this film. Which to me sounds like the filmmakers begging fans to stop asking if Chris Evans will be having a Cameo during this film, as it was sort of assumed that Steve Rogers and Nat were together during their time on the run after the events of Civil War. 

As the Disney+ show ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ is the Marvel project that directly follows this show, is it possible that the sting in the credits of ‘Black Widow’ will lead into this? Will this be the first time we see Sam Wilson suited up as Cap? 

Eagle eyed fans at SDCC have spotted Sebastian Stan’s name among listed cast members. Does that mean we will be seeing Bucky during this film? Or is there some history between Nat and the Winter Soldier that we have not yet been let in on and we will be seeing Seb suit back up as his Hydra counterpart in this film?

Film Cast:

Of course Scarlett Johansson will of course be reprising her role as Natasha Romanoff in this film for what we assume will be the last time.

David Harbour has been cast as the ‘Red Guardian’ a Russian Super soldier and the Soviet equivalent to Captain America. David Harbour even showed up to SDCC wearing a Captain America T-Shirt. He has joked that his character has ‘complicated feelings’ about Captain America. So even if we don’t see Steve Rogers, we may get a few references and/or comments throughout the film for those of us who are struggling with the lack of Chris Evans we will be getting in the MCU in the future. 

Florence Pugh cast as Yelena Belova, who we believe is another graduate of the Red Room and also has the moniker of ‘Black Widow’. It has been theorised that she will be replacing ScarJo in the MCU/Avengers line up, so if this is true, we can expect to find out what she has been doing the last ten or so years while Nat has been hanging out with her Superhero buddies.  This would follow the comic book storyline from Secret Empirewhen Belova takes up the Mantle of Black Widow to honour Natasha after she dies so now would be a perfect time to introduce her to the team.

O-T Fagbenle cast as a character named Mason who is believed to have some history with Nat and may be a potential Romantic interest for the story. Not sure how I feel about this as, other that the train wreak that was the almost Bruce Banner/Natasha romance story in Age of Ultron, it has never been mentioned that Nat has had any romantic relationships during the time we have known her. So I don’t know if it would seem a little shoehorned in, if they try to write a love interest in here, especially as it isn’t even acknowledged in Infinity War. Unless of course it ends in tragedy.

Seasoned actress Rachel Weisz also joins the cast as Melina. Who we believe to be another Black Widow trained in the Red Room, but who has gone through scientific Experimentation. We know very little about her character at this time.

Rumoured that Jeremy Renner has been seen filming scenes for this film with Johansson in Budapest, Hungary. Does this mean that we will finally find out what happened in Budapest? And if this is true, we can then assume that at least part of this film will take place in the past/flashbacks, as the events in Budapest took place way before Avengers 1.

Additionally Ray Winstone has been cast in the film in a thus so far undisclosed role, however the Taskmaster has been revealed to be the Villain of this film, so is it possible that this is the part he has been cast in?

We have also recently been shown an official poster for the film, which I have to say I am not massively crazy about. Everything looks just a little too airbrushed for me. But it is unclear if we will be getting another poster closer to the time. It has also been released that the first teaser trailer for the film will be released late November or the beginning of December 2019. So eyes will be peeled that day for any crumbs of info we can gather from there. But gathering by how much Marvel have been editing their Trailers, and using footage not from the actual films in the trailers, I’m not sure how helpful the trailer will really be. 

And finally a new suit was revealed at D23 this year for Natasha, in a rather shocking shade of WHITE. I took this to mean that Nat will be heading back to her Russian homeland, or to Siberia, and will therefore need the white suit as camouflage against all the snow? But maybe you guys have a better idea?   

And finally…a funeral maybe? An big fan complaint about Endgame was that Nat’s death was never really addressed.  The story sort of moved on and forgot her.  So it would be really pleasing for fans to get a little closure and see Nat get the send off she deserves at the end of her own solo movie.  

So that’s everything we know so far. Did I miss anything? Do you guys know anything I don’t? Leave a comment below

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