Frozen 2 (2019) A Review

Congratulations to Disney for having the nerve to release such a blatant cash grab.  And even heartier congratulations for not making it totally suck.


DIRECTOR:  Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

STARRING:  Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad

SCREENPLAY:  Jennifer Lee

GENRE:  Animation, Adventure

RUNTIME:  103 Minutes

★★★ 3.5 Stars  

In 2013 Disney released a small, animated film called Frozen. And for some unknown reason, even in the annals of Disney classics, the film totally BLEW the F UP!  It was everywhere. And that film was, and still s one of my all time favourite Disney animations.  So imagine my surprise when I heard they were doing a sequel.  I am very weary of sequels as a rule, and went into this very unnecessary sequel a little apprehensive. 

We return to Arendelle to find it much how we left it.  Elsa is queen and everyone is coming to terms with her ice magic.  But of course this doesn’t last long.  The sisters have to travel to a hidden, enchanted forest to help save their kingdom. An old secret is about to uncover shocking discoveries for both Anna and Elsa, and test Elsa’s magic to the max

If a story is supposed to be about the bond between two sisters, I am fairly sure the best part about it shouldn’t be the magically animated snowman.  But sadly, that is the case in frozen 2.  Olaf/Josh Gad totally steals the show here.  Whether they are playing on his popularity or not, he gets all the best lines and some truly awesome scenes (Olaf retelling the events of the first film is a real side splitter.)  While Anna’s interactions with Kristoff were also pretty entertaining, the scenes between Anna and Elsa were basically more of the same, and nothing much about their relationship has changed from the end of the first movie. 

Parts of this film have definitely been made with the visiting adults in mind.  Kristoff’s solo song, while for us the superior song in the film, was also a great homage to 80s/90s boy band videos, a fact that would go way over the head of the films intended audience, but gave a lot of the adults in my screen something to laugh about for the duration of the number.

For me this sequel just felt unnecessary.  There weren’t really any loose ends left at the end of the first film, so the story here just feels forced.  A pretty solid story yes, but not really one that adds anything to the world or the characters (who apart from Anna really don’t have that much development here.)  This film is clearly Disney trying to cash in on a good thing.

Frozen 2 is out in UK cinemas now.      

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