Knives Out (2019) A Review

For anyone that ever saw any of the 90s Agatha Christie adaptations, this film will make you super nostalgic for those TV specials.  


DIRECTOR:  Rian Johnson

STARRING:  Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas

SCREENPLAY:  Rian Johnson

GENRE:  Comedy, Crime

RUNTIME:  130 Minutes

★★★★★ 4.5 Stars  

This was one of my most anticipated films of the year.  So I was understandably a little apprehensive going in as I had literally heard NOTHING but good things about the film.  So if I hadn’t liked it I would have been sooo disappointed. But thankfully this was everything I needed it to be.  

The movie begins with the murder of Harlan Thrombey, at his 85thbirthday party.  We are introduced to the culprit fairly early on and the plot of the film revolves primarily around them trying to avoid detection by Daniel Craig’s slightly incompetent PI,  and digging into the private lives of all his horrible relatives.  Right up until the films third act, where basically everything is thrown on it’s head and the real shock is revealed! 

I grew up watching a lot of the Poirot and Marple adaptations on the BBC, and there are so many things in this film that reminded me of those.  But I suppose, for a certain amount of younger people, they don’t have these as a reference point, so to them this will probably be the first story of this type they have seen told this way.  And I find that idea exciting, as it brought me such joy as a teenager.

With this spectacular cast, there was no way you were going to get a bad performance out of anyone.  All the characters are fully developed, and portrayed beautifully.  It’s great to see Daniel Craig in a role that he can play a different kind of character to the ones he usually gets his publicity for.  Same for Chris Evans, Ransom is a truly horrible person, like most of his family, and seeing as for the last 10 years we have seen him playing THE quintessetion hero, it is SO refreshing to see him doing something else.  And he plays the asshole role spectacularly.They don’t make crime thrillers like this any more. And I hope this film stands alone, in this regard.  A series of terrible knock offs at this point would really dampen my excitement.  Props to Rian Johnson for having the courage to try something different, and even bigger props for doing it SO well. 

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