Charlie’s Angels (2019) A Review

It did have its good points.  But they can’t make up for the terrible dialogue or preachy atmosphere that this film gives off in spades.


DIRECTOR:  Elizabeth Banks

STARRING:  Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska

SCREENPLAY:  Elizabeth Banks

GENRE:  Action, Comedy

RUNTIME:  118 minutes

★ 1 Star 

I think it is safe to say that before going to see this film I had heard a lot of misgivings about it.  So much so that I actually out off seeing it for a few days because I wanted to wait for that to die down so I didn’t let it cloud my view of the film.  Sadly, this was completely unnecessary, as I had to agree with a large amount of the negativity surrounding this.

The Townsend Agency is an international intelligence operation who solely use young women as their spies.  In this rendition of the story, Elena Houghlin goes to the agency when she discovers the company she is working for is planning on selling a clean energy product that has the potential to be weaponized and used to kill hundreds of people. Soon she finds herself caught in the middle of a plot with much further reaching consequences then she originally thought.

The story line sounds just like your average spy movie storyline and you would be right.  There is nothing outstanding or divisive about where they have decided to go with the story.  And usually that wouldn’t be a problem, if the acting and dialogue where sufficiently good to make up for the lazy story.  Which in this case….they weren’t.   

And I am not just talking about Kristen Stewart here. Actually she finally seems to have found a role that she can really sink her teeth into (pun…kind of intended.) She gives on of the best performances I have ever seen her give here.  However both Elizabeth Banks and Patrick Stewart see to be delivering below average here and from two such reliable actors, this is sincerely disappointing.

And I am all for showing powerful and independent women, god knows Hollywood could do with some of that right about now.  But while this film did do a great job in banishing a lot of the stereotypes about women, I feel that it did it in a way that was almost forced and condescending.  Just about every problem was raised here in rapid succession and a lot of it felt unnecessary. It would have done better picking one of the multitudes of issues it portrayed and dealing with it as a whole, rather than skimming over multiple problems.

Sadly this was exactly what I had expected it to be after reading multiple disappointing reviews.  Which is a shame, one of my only genuine flops of the year. 

If you want to try it for yourself, Charlie’s Angels is in UK Cinemas Now.


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