Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) A Review (Spoilers!)

I would certainly recommend the first 2 hours of this film, the last twenty minutes however…not so much. Disappointing Ending for sure.



STARRING:  Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley

SCREENPLAY:  Chris Terrio (screenplay by), J.J. Abrams (screenplay by)

GENRE:  Action, Sci Fi

RUNTIME:  141 Minutes

★★★ 3 Stars  


Before we begin, lets all agree that the first five seconds of any Star Wars movie, will always be the best five seconds of ANY movie. Nothing beats the feeling you get when the lights go down and you get that booming orchestral opening and scrolling text.  I will never not get Goose bumps from that.   The same was true here, however the longer I watched, the more the goose bumps faded.

The Rise of Skywalker is the much-anticipated finale of the latest Star Wars trilogy.  There are many questions that we needed answers and a thousand and one loose ends to tie up.  Not to mention the credibility that needed to be re-established after the questionable reception of ‘The Last Jedi’.  Kylo Ren is still hunting Rey, determined to make her join the dark side.  Rey is still training to be a Jedi with Leia, and Finn and Poe are still off having adventures throughout the galaxy.  But when the resistance learn of the final plan of the First Order, everyone has to pull together to save the galaxy, and Rey will finally get all the answers that she has been searching for, for so long.

I loved the vast majority of this film.  The plethora of cameos brought me so much joy and I am always a sucker for space battles and Lightsaber duels.  So as a rule, Star Wars films are always right up my alley. And that is really what the majority of the first two hours of this film is.  So I was really having a great time with this film at the start.

Sure the storylines are recycled from the previous movies.  I saw most of the twists coming.  I could have put money on Kylo’s redemption arc, which at the time seemed a bit rushed and unrealistic.  There was always a great chance that Rey’s background was going to be linked a character we had already met, from the second she shoots lightning out of her fingers, I already had that twist pegged as well.  So nothing really surprised me.  But I don’t need to be surprised by a film in order to enjoy it.   What I needed from this film was a good ending.

Which sadly, I wouldn’t get.  He final battle with Emperor Palpatine was woefully anticlimactic.  I could have done with a much longer saber sharing battle with Rey and Kylo, that short sequence was amazing! I hated the ending of Kylo and Rey’s story.  It was almost a direct replication of the Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader story.  He redeems himself and saves the other character then dies in a dramatic fashion.  I didn’t want Rey and Kylo to have a romantic relationship in the first place, but to bring them together only for him to die immediately seemed like a cheap way to make the audience feel something.  

The final shot of the movie is very moving.  And is a great flashback to the original trilogy.  But I fail to see why it was necessary or important to the story.  What was she doing on Tatooine? What was she looking for?  A very disappointing ending overall.

I didn’t hate it the way a lot of people did.  But sadly, a disappointing ending has besmirched the entire film for me.  If you loved it, I am happy for you.  But it just wasn’t for me,   

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