6 Underground (2019) A Review

It’s just so…over the top and unnecessary. And I don’t think Ryan Reynolds acted a single line in the whole film.


DIRECTOR:  Michael Bay

STARRING:  Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

SCREENPLAY:  Paul Wernick, Rhett Reese

GENRE:  Action, Adventure

RUNTIME:  127 Minutes

★★★ 2.5 Stars  

If you have ever seen a Film by Michael Bay, you will notice pretty quickly that he has a particularly specific style.   And never has this been truer then with 6 Underground. The entire first 17 minutes is the most ridiculous car chase you have ever seen on screen.

The plot is a little convoluted but hang in there.  A billionaire fakes his death and then puts together an elite team of operatives, who he also gets to fake their deaths, so they can go undercover and stop the rule of a murderous dictator.

I love a it of bang for my buck with an action movie.   I like big car chases and miraculous escapes and explosions.  But this takes all those elements that I love so much and dials them right the way up. I wasn’t kidding earlier.  The entire first twenty minutes of the film is almost completely one continuous, completely ridiculous car chase with a LOT of explosions and yelling and cars flying through the air.  I have never seen such a sequence in my life. And it never really stops doing that for the entire two hour run time.

Ryan Reynolds, always a joy to watch and listen to regardless of the roles he plays, is again on top form here.  But as is becoming painfully frequent these days,   he is playing yet another role where he doesn’t really need to act in any way.  The script was clearly written with him in mind as it is rammed full of his brand of humour.  But it would be really nice if for once, he actually had to call on some of that acting talent he keeps buried so often.

The performances here are great, and the story is engaging and riveting, but it is the overwhelming Michael Bay-ness of this film that stops it from being truly brilliant.  Too much of it is overdone, and there is no forgiving it for that.

6 Underground is available on Netflix now for you to make up your own minds. 

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