Spies in Disguise (2019) A Review

As amazing an animated spy spoof as you have ever seen. I loved every part of it.


DIRECTOR:  Nick Bruno, Troy Quane

STARRING:  Will Smith, Tom Holland

SCREENPLAY:  Brad Copeland (screenplay by), Lloyd Taylor (screenplay by)

GENRE:  Action, Animation

RUNTIME:  102 Minutes

★★★★ 4 Stars 

Something about this charming animated film appealed to me from the very beginning. There isn’t really anything new or unusual about it save for the pigeon twist. But there is so much to love here.  And considering the amount of lone adults that went to my screening, I am happy to say I am not the only one.

Lance Stirling is the world’s number one spy. But when he is wrongly accused of committing treason, and his entire organisation turns against him, he has to team up with Walter, a young outsider from the gadget department in able to clear his name. When Walter says he can make Lance disappear, it sounds too good too be true. Which proves to be true when the process involves Lance being turned a to a pigeon.

Brought to us by the same people who did ‘Ice Age’, the animation here was in good hands. And it is easily up to par with the standards cinemagoers have come to expect from the studio. But I feel that the use of lighting in this film where done spectacularly. The scenes set in Venice in particular. It’s amazing to see how far animation is going towards real life effects

Both Will Smith and Tom Holland give amazing voice performances here. Though neither part is really a stretch for its respective actor, it is easy to see why these two were chosen. Walter bubbles over with Holland’s enthusiasm and happy personality, and Lance oozes Smiths suaveness and smooth talking ability. The fact that the characters even looked like their voice actors added to the illusion as well. 

And for you movie buffs, if you are going to see this film with your kids, there are plenty of movie related in-jokes and Easter eggs in there to keep you adults happy as well.  

This movie packs a message that more people need to be listening too right now.  That maybe instead of building walls and blowing each other up, we should be looking for better, more diplomatic ways of dealing with the worlds problems.  And while this movie may have pushed it a little too far into ‘wishful thinking’ territory, the message behind the film is still very important and one that needs to be heard right now.  Even if glitter grenades and inflatable hugs aren’t exactly going to be standard issue for the armed forced any time soon.

It’s not original, not really. It’s been done in various guises a million times before, but it is really entertaining and I can almost guarantee your kids will love it.

Spies in Disguise is in UK Cinemas now

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