The Gentlemen (2019) A Review

Guy Ritchie directs this film.  And boy does it scream Guy Ritchie.  Those of you sensitive to foul language may want to give this one a hard pass.


DIRECTOR: Guy Ritchie

STARRING: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant


GENRE: Action, Crime

RUNTIME: 113 Minutes

★★★★ 3.5 Stars

Reviewed by Pearl

Congratulations to director Guy Ritchie for taking a movie about a subject I have very little interest in, and making a trailer available to public that made me excited to see it.  It was the witty banter in the trailer that caught my eye on this one, and besides shoe horning in enough curse words to make a sailor blush, the movie does deliver that…in spades.

Mickey Pearson is a middle aged drug dealer who is looking to retire and sell his drug empire to the next big boss.  But there is a thorn in his side.  A particularly greasy tabloid investigator has uncovered the whole plot, and is going to blackmail him for twenty million pounds not to give everything he knows about his drug empire to the papers.  Chaos ensues.

After a few rocky offerings in the last few years, Guy Ritchie returns to a genre that he is confortable with and delivers a film that he should be proud to attach his name to.  The whole story is told by Fletcher (played by Hugh Grant) who adds his own flourishes here and there, in a very round a bout way to get to Blackmailing the drug lord.  But the little conversations between Fletcher and Raymond (played by Charlie Hunnam) are great at breaking up the action and adding a good amount of humour to the mix. 

Ritchie does use some visual effects, like making it seem someone is writing on the screen to highlight certain things etc, and I don’t think the film needed these added little touches.  It stands on it’s on well enugh without them, and they really don’t fit with the rest of the film.  They just seem odd and out of place.

This film has a dynamite cast, but there were a few great standout performances from the background characters that deserve mentioning over the ones by the big players.  Colin Farrell was a delight in this film as ‘Coach’.  The screen lit up any time he was in shot and for me the best parts of the film were when he was on screen.  His character is likable and relatable and seems to be the only one here who is genuinely trying to be a good person.  Henry Golding also deserves a shout out for finally managing to ditch that good-guy label that he has been lumbered with recently.  He plays a great douchebag here and it was great to see him expand his repertoire here. 

This will definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea. There are drugs, a LOT of strong language (The word c*** is thrown around a lot!) and a lot of violence.  So not one for your grandmother.  But for lovers of Guy Ritchie’s older stuff, this one should be a delight.

‘The Gentlemen’ is in UK cinemas Now!

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