Bombshell (2020) A Review

A very important and prudent film.  I left the screen feeling angry, but I think that may have been the intention.


DIRECTOR:  Jay Roach

STARRING:  Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie

SCREENPLAY:  Charles Randolph

GENRE:  Biography, Drama

RUNTIME:  109 Minutes

★★★★ 4 Stars  

The trailer did a great job at making this hard hitting and emotional movie look a lot lighter hearted and comedic then it was. When in reality, oarts of this film are incredibly uncomfortable to watch and parts of it will make you angry and rightly so.  The scandal this film addresses shocked millions of people when it came out, and we are still hearing more and more stories like this every week.

Three women, in very different stages of their careers at Fox News, come together to help put an end to the toxic, masculine atmosphere that was prevalent there during the time that Roger Ailes was presided over the Business.  Subjects such as rape, sexual harassment and sexual assault are discussed here so please be warned if these things may be upsetting to you.

Seeing as we are currently seeing Harvey Weinstein escorted into court for very similar allegations, this film could not have landed during a more relevant time.  And the subjects in this film are very important and need to be spoken about in an open and public manner.  I have read criticisms that say that this film didn’t do a good enough job at showing the extend of what was going on at Fox during this time, and I am sure that is probably true.  Just as I am also sure there are probably some legal reasons why all the details could not be discussed on screen.

All three of out leading ladies do a spectacular job here. The swaps from Archival footage of Megyn Kelly to scenes with Charlize Theron were so seamless, that I can honestly say I can’t tell one from he other half the time.  Nicole Kidman, though playing the instigator here, seems a little under used to me, I just feel they could have done more with her character. If they were going to take liberties with the real life facts, then more should have been done to show why Gretchen was so hell bent on bringing down Roger Ailes.  But the real star to me in this film was Margot Robbie.  Which is surprising as she is usually just average for me.   She had a lot of the more emotional and raw scenes and she delivered them personally. I am just a little disappointed that her character wasn’t explored more outside of her role with Roger Ailes.  

There were a few little odd things that for me didn’t fit with the tone of the film.  Like when they had the Fox News logo ‘burned’ into the screen for a minute or so to go along with a story that was being told.  Or the odd forth wall breaks at the beginning.  For me these little additions took away some of the seriousness of the film, they didn’t add anything to the actual experience and were just little quirky gimmicks to try and show how ‘cool’ and ‘edgy’ the film makers were.  There was no need for them.

A great watch for me, and only a few little things letting it down.  A would highly recommend, but don’t expect it to be easy watching.  It won’t be.

Bombshell releases in the UK on January 17th

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