Seberg (2020) A Review

A heart breaking story, but not implemented in a great way and without the acting that it really deserved.


DIRECTOR:  Benedict Andrews

STARRING:  Kristen Stewart, Yvan Attal, Gabriel Sky

SCREENPLAY:  Joe Shrapnel, Anna Waterhouse

GENRE:  Biography, Drama

RUNTIME:  102 Minutes

★★★ 2.5 Stars  

Not going to lie, I had to do a quick wiki search before going to see this film so I could at least be somewhat apprised of the events that they talk about in this film.  And I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had gone into it blind.  Knowing the story and wanting to see what they could do with it, made me all the more disappointed with what I saw.

Actress Jean Seberg becomes the target of an FBI witch-hunt after she begins to associate with members of the black and civil rights movements in the late 60s.  Slowly they besmirch her reputation and drive her to the brink of madness with their constant surveillance and tapping of her personal phones. 

The story this film tries to tell is heart-breaking on both sides. The story of the injustice done to the Black Rights Activists and the FBIs treatment of Jean Seberg at the time are both atrocities.  Sadly though, I don’t think this film really gets those points across.  Her involvement in the Civil Rights movement is barely mentioned apart from in fleeting conversations and the struggles the activists faced aren’t really touched on either.

Even sadder is the fact that Kristen Stewart for the most part, failed to bring any life to the role.  There were one or two scenes, oddly the more distressing ones, where her acting was good, great even.  But for the rest of the time, it was a revert back to form, and a bland, emotionless performance. A film like this needed someone who could do this part the justice it needed, and for me, she wasn’t it.

Most of the background characters were pretty well rounded, but it was really only Jack O’Connell’s character Jack Solomon, that really had any growth or development throughout the story.  And you could see it all coming a mile away.

I have seen a whole lot of ‘based on true events’ stories this January already, and this one falls way behind the pack. 

Seberg is out in UK Cinemas now.

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