Archive: Bad Boys (1995) A Review

Early Michael Bay, with all the trademarks of a Michael Bay movie, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence thrown in for a few laughs.  That doesn’t always deliver.


DIRECTOR:  Michael Bay

STARRING:  Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Lisa Boyle

SCREENPLAY:  Michael Barrie

GENRE:  Action, Comedy

RUNTIME:  119 Minutes

Reviewed by Pearl

★★★ 3 Stars  

Ahead of ‘Bad Boys For Life’releasing this weekend, I thought it was well past time that I watched this franchise.  Although I have heard that you don’t need to have seen the other films to watch the newest instalment, I still like to be up to date when walking into a sequel.  

Two Miami Narcotics Detectives have to protect a witness to a murder after a massive amount of heroin is stolen from an evidence lock up. Chaos ensues after a case of mistaken identity means the two partners have to swap to lives to maintain their cover.

Let’s start this review by saying that if you have seen any Michael Bay film, then nothing in this film will really surprise you. There is a lot of over dramatic action, that is shot in an over dramatic fashion.  With more explosions then a film ever really needs.  So glad to see that Michael Bay has come such a long way in the last 25 years.  

At it’s heart this film is meant to be a comedy.  There are serious moments and there are a lot of action scenes.  But it is meant to be funny.  And with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence at the helm here, how could it fail to be funny. They are two very funny dudes. But it does seem like a few scenes were put in the film in order to allow these two to have funny banter but didn’t add anything to the story.  Instead it takes you away from the main narrative.  I don’t mind comedy in films, but it should add to the story, that’s not always true here.

There are also some dodgy editing moments here. Some jump cuts that return to the scene with actors in different positions or with vastly different facial expressions.  Just makes the film seem a little amateur-ish.  Also early on in the film the female characters suffer from some serious bad dialogue, and especially in the case of Karen Alexander, that bad dialogue is delivered badly.  Lowering the quality of the entire film.

This was as good as I wanted it to be.  I still have the second film to go and the third instalment to see when it releases this weekend, so all I can do is hope it gets better.

‘Bad Boys’ is currently available to watch on Netflix UK 

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