Like a Boss (2020) A Review

I complained about the heavy content of Films released in January, so the Movie Gods gave me a Comedy.  And I wish they hadn’t.



DIRECTOR:  Miguel Arteta

STARRING:  Rose Byrne, Salma Hayek, Tiffany Haddish

SCREENPLAY:  Sam Pitman, Adam Cole-Kelly

GENRE:  Comedy

RUNTIME:  83 Mins

Reviewed by Pearl

★★ 2 Stars


From the second I saw the trailer I knew my expectations for this one were going to be low.  It was just another generic comedy, with generic characters and old jokes you could see coming a mile away.  There were bits of it that I liked, but they were few and far between.


Mel and Mia are best friends and owners of their own Cosmetics company.  But their business is in trouble, Almost $500,000 worth of trouble.  So when Beauty tycoon Clair Luna offers to bail them out in return for a controlling share in their company Mel jumps at the chance, where as Mia is a lot more unsure.  Their friendship is tested and after a ridiculously short time apart, they come back together to take back their company and show Clair what beauty is really all about.


There is a message buried in here somewhere, but it’s buried real deep.  A message about self-love and the way beauty empires pray on peoples insecurities. You have to dig deep to find it, but the message is there.  And it was those parts of the film that I thought were amazing.  The presentation made at the end of the film, the discussions they have about what they want their company to represent.  Those parts were great.  Very relevant, very touching and well delivered by our actresses.  But the reason I love these parts are probably because those are the moments the film isn’t trying to be funny.


There are no jokes in this film that we haven’t heard a thousand times before. A lot of it is lewd humour with more references to women’s private parts then were completely necessary and a good thirty second conversation about Obamas d***.  No thank you. All the actresses in this film have done better work, even in comedies.  Here they are all working below average.  I went to the cinema with a friend to see this one and for the first hour we felt really uncomfortable as a lot of people seemed to be finding this film hilarious and we were jut feeling kind of bored.


I can’t say this was disappointing, because I expected it to be bad, but if I had to give you a recommendation, I would recommend you skip this one.


‘Like a Boss’ releases in the UK on 21stFebruary

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