Archive: Dreamgirls (2006) A Review

Nothing brightens up a miserable, dark afternoon, like a really great musical.  And for the most part that’s what this was.

Certificate: 12

Director: Bill Condon

Screenwriter: Bill Condon

Starring: Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy

Genre: Drama, Musical

Runtime: 130 Minutes

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

There are some BIG voices in this film, Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, you couldn’t fault the music here if you tried.  Even if it places the lip synching isn’t always the best.  I enjoyed it more then I thought I would, I have heard nothing but good things about it.  It wasn’t faultless, for a film whose TITLE is about its female characters, I felt at times in the film they were forgotten in exchange for Jamie Foxx’s story.

In the 1960s a trio of black, female, soul singers fight to cross over on to the mainstream pop charts.  While navigating their own personal problems and the politics of the business they are fighting so hard to be a part of.

First and foremost, this is a musical, and as with most musicals, all other aspects of the film are put to one side in exchange for the excellent score and musical numbers.  And this film definitely has plenty of those.  And most of them are presented in the form of actual musical performances on stage, there is only two songs that are used to further the story.  So those songs seem a little out of place compared to all the others.

At times the script and the acting came across a little OVER dramatic.  But god can Jennifer Hudson deliver some emotion when It is called for.  She deserved the Academy Award she won for this film without a doubt.  In a film full of this amount of talent, she definitely sticks out.    It was great to see a performance from Eddie Murphy that wasn’t his usual sort of schtick.  Even is he was still playing a kind of nut, it wasn’t the silly comedy that he usually does, so that was a breath of fresh air, and I’m not even going to pretend to not be surprised by how well Eddie Murphy can sing.  Like…who saw that coming??

Parts of this movie are so raw and emotional and hard to watch.  But those are the parts that I loved the most.  The emotional performances are the heart of the film.  The songs are great yes, and that’s what most people went to the theatres to see.  But they came out talking about the amazing performances given by the spectacular cast.

Dreamgirls is available widely on home release and Digital for you to watch now.

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