Rhythm Section (2020) A Review

Had such a promising premise, but just didn’t deliver when it needed to.  A lazy script and some questionable camera work choices just made this one a fail for me.

Certificate: 15

Director: Reed Morano

Screenwriter: Mark Burnell

Starring: Blake Lively, Jude Law, Sterling K. Brown

Genre: Action, Drama

Runtime: 109 Minutes

Rating: 2 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Problems, problems, so many problems. This story had the potential to be great. It had a great premise. But instead it was a massive disappointment, with a bad story and some real shaky camera work.  During some of the chase scenes I was left feeling slightly seasick.

After her family is killed in an alleged terrorist attack, Stephanie is determined to get revenge on those responsible.  She tracks down ex-MI6 agent, Boyd who reluctantly agrees to train her in order to enable her to take out hose she feels responsible for her family’s deaths.

No one here seems to have been working at their best here, and that includes the crew.  Both Blake Lively and Jude Law have given such better performances than this, with neither of them really bringing much life to their characters.  This film was meant to convey desperation and tension, but I felt none of that while watching it.  I was bored for most of the film.   

The characters are too flat for me by far.  We got little to no back story for any of them, and they don’t speak enough about their pasts or have distinct enough personalities to empathise with them when we find out something bad had happened to them.

I have read numerous other reviews stating that, while the film itself is pretty average, the car chase and a few other action shots are done pretty well.  And while I agree that the hand to hand fight scenes are well choreographed, and the one high stakes car chase we get is pretty good, there are several action shots, or chase scenes where the camera work is so shaky I was struggling to watch it.  I know it was meant to show how frantic the mood was at that time in the story, but I am not going to be emotionally invested if I can’t keep my eyes on the screen without feeling seasick.

The ending here was also oddly paced.  We spend most of the film watching Stephanie be the worlds least effective assassin, then suddenly at the end she is ruthless and self-possessed and apparently very good at what she does.  But this all comes around very quickly, the final big reveal is done out of nowhere with no build up or set of events of set up who it could have been.  So, when it is finally shown, and Stephanie finally gets her revenge, I felt nothing, because it was all over far too quickly.

For a thriller this wasn’t very thrilling. 

The Rhythm Section is out in UK cinemas Now.

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