Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) A Review

After a brief backlash, and some quick CGI turn around, Sonic ended up not being the dumpster fire it could have been.  But it’s a long way from being a memorable film.

Certificate: PG

Director: Jeff Fowler

Screenwriter: Patrick Casey, Josh Miller

Starring: Ben Schwartz, James Marsden, Jim Carrey

Genre: Action, Adventure

Runtime: 99 Minutes

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

When the first trailer for Sonic dropped several months ago, the outcry from fans was loud and instantaneous.  So, the visual effects guys had a very limited amount of time to do a complete redesign of the character and make him look a little bit closer to his videogame roots.  Which thankfully they did, as without it, this film would have been nearly unwatchable.

After hiding out on earth for many years, hiding his powers from people who want to control him, Sonic accidently reveals himself to the US government and they send their ‘top scientist’ to hunt him down.  Desperate to escape, he teams up with his only ‘friend’ in order to road trip to San Francisco, retrieve his rings, and portal to a safe place.

The plot for this film is pretty flimsy.  It’s a basically a road trip film.  Which is not at all what I was expecting from a Sonic the Hedgehog Film.  A lot of the film takes place in the car with Sonic and James Marsden just chatting and running through the slightly clunky dialogue.  There are one or two moments in the film that will make you chuckle and enough videogame and film references thrown in to keep a pop culture buff on their toes, but that is about all the script has going for it. And the story only gets more ridiculous once Jim Carrey is introduced.

His performance as Dr Robotnik is a return to form for Jim Carrey.  It is exactly what you would expect from him, an over the top. Wacky character, with a lot of overblown arm gestures and bug-eyed facial expressions.    I’m not saying that he was the wrong person to play this part, because it was definitely in his wheelhouse.  But he played it in the same way he has played so many of his other roles that there was very little to distinguish this character from all his others.

The overall film isn’t that bad.  If you have kids and a few hours to spare, then the simple plot and bright colours will likely keep everyone entertained.  The studio made the right choice to change Sonics look and James Marsden actually does a pretty decent job considering most of the time he is working opposite an invisible co-star. 

If you want to check this out for yourself Sonic is out in UK cinemas Now.

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