Sacrilege (2020) A Review

Sometimes, you run into a movie in the cinema that is so bad, that you struggle to find even a single redeeming feature.  This is one of them.

Certificate: 15

Director: David Creed

Screenwriter: David Creed

Starring: Tamaryn Payne, Emily Wyatt, Sian Abrahams

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 83 Minutes

Rating: 1 Star

Reviewed by: Pearl

Don’t get me wrong, the trailer for Sacrilege left no doubt in my mind that this was going to be one of those terrible horror/slasher films.  I would assume trying to piggyback off the success of Midsommar’s remote cult doing shifty things to strangers storyline, the whole thing was predictable from beginning to end and that is only the start of the issues I had with this film.

In desperate need of a girls weekend, Kayla invites her life long friends to go away with her to a remote lodge for a few days to escape some trouble at home.  On the way there, they pick up a hitchhiker (of course they do!) who invites them to a festival going on the nearby village.  Of course they attend the festival and witness some weird pagan like ritual, and that’s where things start to go wrong.  The girls start to see crazy things and start to be picked off one at time.  They have to figure out what is going on and get out of there as soon as they can.

Where to start with this?

The acting was just painful.  Over acted at every turn, and no amount of editing could make it look anything but amateur. This is the kind of horror film acting you get on straight to DVD or watch for free online.  There is a gratuitous lesbian sex scene that consists of nothing but a low budget porn soundtrack and very dry, tame kissing.  If we were supposed to find it sexy or romantic, they were off base by a long way.

The sad thing is that the general premise of the film wasn’t terrible.  The general idea was that the girls were being tormented by manifestations of their darkest fears.  Despite that fact that one of the girls was clearly afraid of getting old and ugly so that she could no longer get likes on Instagram (!?) that idea could have been interesting in the hands of someone like Blumhouse, but in this case the film is a train wreak.  How they managed to make a trailer while avoiding showing people its obvious amateur-ness is beyond me.

Just don’t do it to yourself!

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