We Interrupt this Program….. How we will be going forward during the COVID-19 Outbreak

With movies being cancelled left right and centre at the moment, and with uncertainty around how long cinemas here in the UK are going to remain open, it is fair to assume that coverage of new releases will be slowing down in coming days/weeks.

Thankfully, there is an almost bottomless list of backlog movies that I have been dying to get to, and this is going to give me the opportunity to share some of these with you. So no, this blog is not going to be filled to the brim with current releases as it is most weeks, but a regular posting schedule will be stuck to during this time of chaos. I may even get a few more films in than usual if we are all forced to go into lockdown and I have nothing better to do.

Please bare with me and other content creators as we try and navigate this tough time. I am lucky that I do this as a side project and I still have a full salary coming in. There are some content creators that rely on their content as a source of income and are no doubt a little apprehensive over what the coming weeks will bring. So please be kind, even if you have read the review before or already seen the film or have no interest in a title, spare a few minutes to give content creators a click to make sure that they can stay in business.

Above all, please be safe and sensible out there (please stop hoarding all the loo roll!) abide by your governments guidelines, practice social distancing, avoid busy oublic spaces and large gatherings, and stay happy and healthy.

Thanks guys,

Pearl 🙂

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