Tiger King (2020) A Review

This will be the most bonkers docuseries you will ever see.  The subheading says it all Murder, Mayhem and Madness.  That is exactly what you will find here.

Certificate: 15

Starring: Carole Baskin, Joe Exotic, Bhagavan Antle

Genre: Documentary, Crime

Runtime: 7 Episodes, 1 Season

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

The story that is told in this Docuseries on Netflix really has to bee seen to be believed.  There is just such a messed up and convoluted story going on here that I don’t know if any one really knows the whole story, but as crazy and chaotic as it is, it really does make for some compelling viewing.

Tiger King tells the story of Zoo owner Joe Exotic and his ongoing feud with Animal Rights activist Carole Baskin.  As well as his other brushes with the law and the other shady people that deal in the world of Exotic Animals, a trade and business that until now, I didn’t really know existed. 

Joe is a larger than life person, with a personality to match, and depending on who you listen to, was either the worst kind of human imaginable, or just someone who made some bad choices and got into trouble with the wrong people.  This really will open your eyes to a whole world of shady activity surrounding the selling and trading of big cats and other exotic animals, and the abuse or mistreatment of them in privately owned zoos, particularly in the United States.

Very little is really resolved during this documentary.  A whole lot of accusations are thrown around for then entire 7 episode run, and we only see the fallout from it in really the last episode.  And then really a lot of the other more minor players are left hanging.  And I guess as this was meant to be the story of Joe that is how it is meant to be, but now I kind of want a follow up story on the rest of the players involved.

As with all Netflix documentaries, this one is well told, well paced and really lets you come to your own conclusions about what you think of it’s subject matter.  The episode focussing on Carole Baskin, and the disappearance of her husband was of particular interest to me.  They spend a lot of time making her out to be a really good person, then take the time to show an entire episode throwing that image into question, which seems to be a really interesting place to take it.

Fans of true Crime documentaries will love this for it’s different subject matter and zany cast of characters and it is those same characters that will appeal to non-Documentary lovers like me, who came here just to see what all the chit chat was about.  It is definitely worth a look.

Tiger King is available on Netflix now.

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