Archive: 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019) A Review

This has to be the lockdown talking, because ordinarily, no amount of hype could have made me watch a film like this.  At all.  And to my complete shock, It wasn’t all that bad.

Certificate: PG-13

Director: Johannes Roberts

Screenwriter: Ernest Riera, Johannes Roberts

Starring: Sophie Nélisse, Corinne Foxx, Brianne Tju

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

This is what would happen if Jaws had a baby with any of the nameless 90s teen slasher flicks.  And as those nameless slasher flicks are amongst some of my favourite kinds of movies to watch, I can definitely appreciate that.  I didn’t see the first film, so cannot talk about this one comparatively, but if you are a fan of Shark movies, and I believe there is a mini cult of you out there, this will be something you can really…sink you teeth into…Sorry, couldn’t resist.

After being persuaded to go cave diving with her step sister and her friends in Mexico, Mia is at first amazed at the Mayan ruins that are buried under the water.  That is until they are attacked by giant killer sharks with heightened senses. Running out of air, and fighting for survival, the girls have to find a way out of the cave system before they all fall victim to the sharks.

This is pure, unadulterated shark movie silliness in all its glory.  I’m not one of the few people out there who love this sub-genre as a whole, but I have seen a few done really well, and was even a fan of 2018s ‘The Meg.’  This one isn’t quite up that standard lacking probably the budget and some of the famous faces to put it on the map in that way.  But it does it’s best to live up to the butt clenching tension of shark movies that have come before and in most places it actually succeeds.  From the second the girls get in the water, you know what’s coming, and you are on tender hooks waiting for the sharks to appear.  From then on it’s just waiting to see how many tremendously outrageous deaths the sharks can be held accountable for. 

The ending scene did try and draw the tension out a little too long, with the sharks refusing to go down without a fight, and both girls amazingly able to outswim a shark and climb a ladder while having just been between the jaws of said sharks.  But despite that, the actual plot of the film was pretty good.  The setting, the underwater city was a great idea as well, with the darkness really adding to the claustrophobic atmosphere and giving the underwater scenes a backdrop rather then just stark open water.

My problem was with the script.  It really was ripped straight out of a 90s horror flick.  And brought the outrageous amount of screaming with it.  The performances of the actors wasn’t bad, it’s just that the dialogue didn’t really give them the best material to work with.  With a better script, this could have been a much better film.  But it is still good for a few laughs.

If shark movies are your thing then 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is available now on Netflix UK.

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