Archive: Trolls (2016) A Review

This is just a great big, bright, glitter bomb of happiness, a perfect balm to the soul during these dark and uncertain times.

Certificate: U

Director: Mike Mitchell, Walt Dohrn

Screenwriter: Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel

Genre: Animation, Comedy

Runtime: 92 Minutes

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

This is a bundle of escapism wrapped up neatly in a brightly coloured, glitter cover bow.  There is no human way you can be depressed while you watch this insanely uplifting and feel good film.  I know the heart warming message and bright colours are designed to appeal to children, this is a kid’s film after all, but I think we could all use a little bit of this right now.

After living peacefully for many years, hiding from the Troll eating Bergen, Troll village is attacked and several Trolls kidnapped.  Princess Poppy, the happiest troll ever born, enlists the help of much grumpier Branch in order to infiltrate Bergen Town and to rescue their friends before they can be eaten in a festival called Trollstice.

This film just works.  Beautiful animations and a visually astounding world to set them in mean that there was so much for my eyes to take in and it was all just so…bright and colourful and glittery and…just a visual feast on all levels really. 

Anna Kendrick was an inspired choice for this movie.  Who better to play the most happy and adorable of characters then the most upbeat and adorable of people?  And her tea up with Justin Timberlake was also a great choice, their banter throughout the film is amazing and I can’t imagine two people that could have done a better job.  For once I would like to see James Cordon take on a less comedic role.  I feel like he just gets very heavily type cast, and I am getting tired of seeing him in these roles.  For the love of god man, try something different.

The musical numbers are just delightful, and are songs that those of use that are a little older will actually know and be able to sing along with, even if they are slightly more poppy remixes of some of the beloved classics.

Once I get round to wiping all of the pink sparkly stuff out of my eyes, I can see that the story is one that has been told infinite times before, and there is even a Cinderella retelling sandwiched in there.  Which means that neither the main storyline or the side storyline offer anything that we haven’t seen done in kids films a thousand times before.  But there is a reason that the ‘Quest’ plotline is a doozy of a classic, and this film offers it up in a way that is just original enough not to be stale, but they will have to try hard in the upcoming sequel, not to tread previous ground to heavily to stay relevant.

A joyous offering for kids and not too shabby for adults either, with a few jokes slipped in there just for us.  Trolls in available to buy and watch online from Amazon now.

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