Time Trap (2017) A Review

Stumbled across this one on Netflix today.  An average action adventure film with a sci fi twist, with a pretty good teenage cast and a fairly good story behind it.

Certificate: 12

Director: Mark Dennis, Ben Foster

Screenwriter: Mark Dennis

Starring: Andrew Wilson, Cassidy Gifford, Brianne Howey

Genre: Action Adventure

Runtime: 87 Minutes

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

For a film made up of primarily teenage actors, which notoriously are not all that great, this one was pretty OK.  Even if the title of the film completely gives away what is happening to our characters even when they don’t know.  And I think that was the biggest issue, I was just waiting for everyone else to catch up to what I already knew.

After their archaeology professor goes missing in the Texan wilderness, a group of students go to the cave system he was investigating to try and find him.  But after being trapped underground, they discover there is a discrepancy between the way time passes on the surface and the way time passes in the cave, and they may have found the fabled Fountain of Youth.

All the young actors in this film were actually pretty good with the exception of a few over acted scenes and a little bit of dodgy CGI, this one wasn’t bad at all.  I was expecting terrible acting, and a terribly low budget production value, so I was pleasantly surprised.  The two main leads who play Taylor and Jackie are incredibly good young actors, and I would like to see them do more stuff, with perhaps a more demanding role to play.

The story itself requires a lot of suspension of belief.  I mean most Sci Fi does, but the scenes that we see of the surface first when Kara reaches the surface and again at the end of the film when we see what has become of earth,  remind me of the dystopian world we see in films like ‘The Time Machine’ where humanity has been completely, or almost completely wiped out.  But this one goes from Crazy cave adventure to crazy Sci-Fi storyline really quick, and for the most part seems a little outlandish.  Like how long are we to believe they were down there?  It had to be thousands of years right?

It was plenty entertaining though and was pretty riveting to watch.  Especially towards the end when everything was coming to light and you see them make their last bid to escape, but I think the ending was a bit far fetched. A good movie to watch on a weekend afternoon

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