Classics: Some Like it Hot (1959)

A musical classic, starring everyone’s favourite blonde Marilyn Monroe.  Hadn’t seen this one for ages, and it’s still as good as I remember, with great musical numbers.

Certificate: U

Director: Billy Wilder

Screenwriter: Billy Wilder, I.A.L. Diamond

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon

Genre: Comedy, Music

Runtime: 121 Minutes

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by Pearl

After being involved in a mob shoot out, musicians Joe and Jerry have to get out of town before they are caught.  They come up with a crazy get away plan, to disguise themselves as women. ‘Josephine’ and ‘Daphne’ join a female band and travel to Florida and hope the gangsters don’t follow.  It all goes swimmingly until ‘Josephine’ starts to fall in love with one of the girls in the band and has to start living a crazy double life.  And that is before the gangsters show up at the same hotel.

So here I am, a self-professed disliker of comedies, about to sing the praises of a classic comedy film.  I do not know of anyone who has watched this film and come out without at least something positive to say.  The humour, though not exactly the kind we are used to, is of a much more pure and innocent variety.  But that doesn’t mean that it feels dated, just that if the lewd humour of films like American Pie is what appeals to you, this probably won’t be for you.

Marilyn Monroe as always is a joy to watch.  Although she constantly got typecast as the dumb blonde in basically every film she was in, she is a total delight to watch in this film, and the ‘dumb blonde’ routine fits in well with the feel of the film.  The musical numbers, though few and far between, are excellent when they are performed and this film stars the absolute classic ‘ I Wanna be Loved By You.’

The Gangster storyline may have been a little farfetched, they seemed to catch on to Joe and Jerry’s ruse immediately, while all the other characters they came into contact with did not even flinch at their really terrible disguises.  So, either Chicago gangsters are the smartest people around, or it was just a really handy plot device to spice up the end of the film.  I will leave that decision up to you.

The end comes around all to abruptly for me, and I think it could have been rounded out better, with Sugar and Joe having time to discover the ruse that Joe has been putting her through, it could have had some real comedic merit, though the final scene in the boat between Jerry and Osgood is maybe one of my favourites in the entire film.  So the ending was a win some lose some situation for me.

Whether you are a fan of comedy, or classic films as a whole, this is one of those films that everyone should see at least once.  Take a couple hours and rent it off Amazon Prime if you have a chance.

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