The Wrong Missy (2020) A Review

Oh Comedies, why oh why do you always continue to make me roll my eyes and sigh.  Are we really at the point where every joke that can be done has been done?

Certificate: 15

Director: Tyler Spindel

Screenwriter: Chris Pappas, Kevin Barnett

Starring: David Spade, Lauren Lapkus, Nick Swardson

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Runtime: 90 Minutres

Rating: 1.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Everyone has a ex that they would rather forget, or a bind date experience that they wish had never happened, that isn’t just me right?  Tim Morris is a loser, and goes on a crazy blind date with Melissa, a complete nut ball.  Then by a total quirk of fate, meets another woman named Melissa at an airport and hits it off with her immediately.  When he has invite someone to a company retreat in Hawaii, he thinks he has invited her to go with him, but instead he accidently invites the wrong Melissa.  What could possibly go wrong.

Lauren Lapkus while giving one hell of a performance, is playing the role of a complete train wreak.  Her character, while meant to be the main source of the comedy around here, is just so ridiculously over the top that she isn’t even a little bit believable.  No one in a romantic comedy, let alone in real life.  And it’s her over the top attitude that really makes the whole film just freaking unbearable to watch.  And she is not the only one whose character is just…ridiculous.  Barely a single one of them is believable in any way.

It’s marketed as a Romantic Comedy.  But this film is neither romantic or funny. What it is, is just cringeworthy.  I am sure that there is a target audience for this kind of comedy, but seeing as I am a tough sell for comedies as a whole, I am definitely, NOT that audience.  And can we please never again talk about the talent show scene, that whole thing was just…awful.  There are some decent parts, when Tim and Missy are acting like actual. Normal people. But those scenes are few and far between and cannot save the rest of the film.

The plot of this film is ridiculous, and almost non existent.  I have seen some really disappointing comedies so far this year, and a few that were less disappointing, but this will probably go down as one of the worst films that I watch all year.

If you really want to waste an hour and a half of lockdown then this will do that nicely, but you will lose many many brain cells in the process, and wont have a lot to show for it.  But if that sounds like your idea of fun, then The Wrong Missy is available to stream on Netflix now!

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