Archive: Moon (2009) A Review

All the props for Sam Rockwell here who is basically a one man show here and does a fantastic job.  Very reminiscent of 2001 A Space Odyssey, I was surprised how much I liked this.

Certificate: 15

Director: Duncan Jones

Screenwriter: Duncan Jones, Nathan Parker

Starring: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey, Dominique McElligott

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

Runtime: 97 Minutes

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Sam Bell is almost at the end of his three-year contract, harvesting an energy source from the dark side of the moon, he goes home in two weeks.  After an accident on a routine expedition, he wakes up back on base, being tended by his robot assistant GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey.)  When he returns to the site of the accidents, he finds a man in the wreckage that makes him question everything he thinks he knows about his existence.

You know things aren’t going to end well if the secondary character, and only other important character in a sci-fi movie is an eerie sentient robot.  From that moment, I knew that all way not going to go well for Sam Rockwell.  He does a fantastic job here by the way.  He is literally the only human character who has more than abut a minutes screen time.  The worry with films with a cast this limited, is that is your lead actor doesn’t deliver an absolutely stunning job, then the film is likely to be disappointing.  Thank God that is not the case here.

 As my lasting impression of Sam Rockwell comes from his portrayal of Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2, I was understandably apprehensive about a film that was SOLEY him.  But he delivers a great dramatic performance here, even when the only person he is acting with is himself.  He didn’t get the credit he deserved for this role when actors in later films of this kind, Gravity, The Martian and Interstellar, all got rave reviews about their performances.

The acting is first rate, and while the story is fantastic and very well told and written, what stops this film from being perfect for me is the fact that I was able to guess the biggest twist way before it happened.  So that kind of takes the mystery out of the equation.  It was still enjoyable to watch how they figured it out, and exactly how they would react.  But the big important bits I had worked out quite close to the beginning.  I also would have liked to see more of the impact Sam Bell had on returning to earth,  We get a few overlapping news reports just before the credits roll to suggest that he made people on earth aware of what was going on, so it would have been interesting to see people reactions. 

For lovers of those other Sci Fi films that is Mentioned above, this is definitely a must watch for those who haven’t already done so, and at a modest 97 minutes, it is a lot shorter than some of it’s kind.  I highly recommend giving this one a go if your are a Sci Fi Fan.

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