Mnemophrenia (2019) A Review

What makes this film so interesting, is that it is a scenario that could actually happen.  With video games and AI getting more advanced everyday, what impact will that have on our lives?

Certificate: TBD

Director: Eirini Konstantinidou

Screenwriter: Eirini Konstantinidou

Starring: Freya Berry, Robin King, Tim Seyfert

Genre: Drama, Sci Fi

Runtime: 78 Minutes

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

growing new psychosis and the still advancing technology. We see the story unfold over time, through the eyes of three generations of the same family who are all affected and involved in different ways. The story explores how attitudes to Mnemophrenia would differ from person to person and across generations, going from resistance and fear, through acceptance and eventually even using it to our benefit, pushing humanity towards a new evolutionary step. Written by Eirini Konstantinidou

This one is a bit of a mind bender, so you have to bear with it.  First, lets explain exactly what ‘Mnemophrenia’ is:

“A condition or a state characterized by the coexistence of real and artificial memories, which effects the subjects sense of identity.”

This is such a unique plot device, not one I have heard of before at all, and for that reason alone I was super hyped to see this film.  Intelligent Science Fiction stories like this are quickly becoming one of my favourite genres to indulge in.  And this one was a little unsettling as this is a scenario that could genuinely happen in the near future with the continued development of VR video games. 

So the story is told through 3 points of view.  Jeanette in the near future, discovers she has mnemophrenia when she finds out someone, she believed she had spent a lot of time with as a young woman, was actually just a character in a VR, we understand Mnemophrenia is just being recognised at this point.  Nicholas is a software designer, trying to develop a new form of VR that is more immersive, but discovers the software his company puts out may cause Mnemophrenia.  During this time there is open discussion about Mnemophrenia, but it is still very much a stigma.  And then finally Robyin’s story, where the technology Nicholas was trying to develop has been perfected and Mnemophrenia is now a part of everyday life for everyone. 

It isn’t clear at the beginning or even the middle of the film really, how these three stories link together,   you have to sort of piece it together on your own, I know I didn’t get it for a while.  This makes paying attention to Robyin’s story really important as she is the one that brings them all together really.  Jeanette’s story is the most emotional and the most developed to me as she was the one who spoke frankly and honestly about how the VR technology has affected her life during a kind of group therapy session I think.  Here we see a lot of different attitudes to her condition including acceptance, anger and shaming, a good reflection of how mental illness is dealt with currently in society.  Nicholas’ story is the hardest to follow coherently as the digital displays and graphs on the screen are just as important as the action that is being played out, so it was sometimes heard to know where to look.

The acting at times could be a little wooden and amateurish, especially is it was a highly emotional moment, and it was hard to connect to Robyin as a character at all because we never really see her on camera, we see the whole world through her eyes.  But these facts don’t really take away from the story, just minor annoyances.

If you like futuristic sci fi, this might be one for you.  Mnemophrenia is available to buyu on Amazon, Tubi, Apple TV, YouTube and Google Play now!

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