TV Review: Curon (2020)

I spent so much of this show having no freaking idea what was going on, and then the rest of the time not really caring what was going on.

Creator: Ezio Abbate, Ivano Fachin, Giovanni Galassi

Starring: Gilli Messer, Valeria Bilello, Maximilian Dirr

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Horror

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 7

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

A woman returns to her childhood town in northern Italy with her two teenage children, 17 years after she left because of a family tragedy. When they arrive they are met with hostility and suspicion, even from her own father, who owns a hotel in town that every steers clear of. Things in town get worse when the return of Anna and her children seems to reawaken a curse in the town, and people start to get hunted down by beings who look exactly like them.

Huge props go to the two young actors who play Anna’s teenage children and our two main characters. Margherita Morchio and Federico Russo do fantastic work here, considering they are the ones driving forward the majority of the story. But for me the real star of the show was the young actor who played the role of Lucas (his name isn’t listed on IMDB, so I can’t give you his real name.) His character undergoes the biggest transformation in this series and his embodiment of both these personalities, was just excellent. I watched most of this series in the original Italian, but watched one with English dubbing so see if it made a difference to the viewing quality, and damn does it make a difference. The voice acting from the English voice actors is awful, so I highly suggest you watch the series in Italian as it was originally intended.

I would say though that for a main character, Daria was not all that likeable. She was a bit of a brat and is awful to basically everyone around her apart from her brother. A couple of times I was just done with her cocky attitude. She improves a bit towards the end, but for the most part I just didn’t like her.

The general plot for the series is an intriguing one. And the sense of mystery and suspense is kept up well throughout, but my problem was that nothing was ever really explained to my satisfaction. I thought we would get to the end of the seven episodes and find out the root of the curse, and why Anna’s family makes it worse and who the beings from the lake really are. But instead we get only a wishy washy explanation as too who the beings are, and no other answers to any of the questions. Instead, the series is left with a cliff hanger that implies they are hoping for a second season to continue the explanations. The mystery is built up and up so much and answers are eluded to the entire time, so it seems a bit of a let down to not really find out ANYTHING AT ALL!

The arrival of the kids father in the story also didn’t seem to serve a purpose. They have few scenes with him and then just like that, BOOM, it’s over and that’s it. If they had to bring in that character after so many mentions of what a terrible person he was, and all the reasons they were running from him, then it seemed a huge waste to not do anything with his character.

The choice of music in the show was also a bit odd and very haphazard. The big suspenseful moments always seemed to be accompanied by loud, beating, techno music, which didn’t fit with the feel of the show at all. It just annoyed me more than anything.

Overall, it is an average creepy watch, the Netflix description when you click on it is not an accurate description of what the show is about at all. It’s worth a shot if you like creepy, horror series, but it won’t be one that blows your socks off or anything.

All 7 Episodes of Curon are available to Stream on Netflix now

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