TV Review: Snowpiercer (2020) Episode 5

Now that the mystery element of the show is over, and it has lost it’s main plot point, I think it is going to struggle to keep my interest.

Certificate: 15

Director: Frederick E.O. Toye

Screenwriter: Josh Friedman, Graeme Manson

Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner

Genre: Sci Fi, Drama

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

As much as I wasn’t the biggest advocate for turning the original story into a murder mystery, now that storyline is effectively over, especially by the end of this episode, I feel like I am going to come to miss it.  In this episode, Melanie is staging the trial for the accused murderer, and gives into pressure from 3rd class to have a representative on the jury.  After hearing the testimony from all the witnesses and the accused Melanie has to make a split second decision and decide whose side she is on.  Meanwhile, Josie sneaks uptrain to try and find Layton and Till gets promoted to Second Class.

I wish there had been more focus on the criminal trial.  That was the most interesting part of this episode.  I wish we has heard more from the witnesses and seen the deliberation of the three jurors.  Instead the trial is shown very choppily and almost plays second fiddle to Josie’s storyline in this episode. 

The young actress playing LJ again shows her amazing acting skills.  As LJ is by far the most interesting character on the train so far, I hope this episode isn’t the last we see of her, I get the feeling it wont be.  I assume that from now on the story is going to focus on uncovering Melanie’s secret, as it is getting impossible for her to keep hiding it from everyone and too many people are getting close to finding out, and now that Layton is awake, there is at least one person who knows for certain that it is really Melanie pulling all the strings, not the illusive ‘Mr Wilford.’

For the most past though I found this episode slightly boring, and not much really happened to advance the plot until the end.  I am hoping the second half of the season will ramp things up a bit.

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