Never Be Done (2020) A Review

Filmed over the course of seven years, and taking ten years to complete, this documentary looks at the life of Canadian Comedian Richard Lett, who turns his life around after losing everything to Alcoholism.

Director: Roy Tighe

Starring: Richard Lett, Roy Tighe, Graeme Morgan

Genre: Documentary, Biography

Runtime: 78 Minutes

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Supplied by the creators in exchange for an honest review.

Once a successful Canadian Stand-Up Comedian, a decent into Alcoholism and Drug addiction saw Richard Letts career take a rapid down turn.  After being banned from club after club and no longer being able to find work to pay rent, being kicked out of his apartment and living in a homeless shelter, Richard made the hard decision to turn his life around and get his life back on track.

I am not a big follower of comedians, so I didn’t know about Richard or his story, but that doesn’t in any way make watching this film less of a emotion experience.  You don’t need to know someone to empathise with their story.  But I was still surprised by how invested I became in this documentary.  It was not shot and presented in the way I was expecting either.  It was all done very candidly, with hand held cameras for the most part.  With the director and interviewer asking Richard Questions while following him around.  There were a few of the classic sat down interviews, mostly with people connected to Richard rather than with Richard himself.

This style of camera work made the documentary feel very personal.  Nothing was censored, and it wasn’t over edited, so we really get the full effect of what Richard was going through at the time and just how extreme his behaviour became.  This does meant though that we get an equally intimate view of him coming out of the other side and it is wonderful to see just how much her turned his life around after hitting rock bottom.  I much prefer this kind of documentary style, if feels less forced and you get to know everyone involved that much more, because they aren’t playing to the camera, or uncomfortable in a formal interview setting.

This won’t be a comfortable documentary to view.  There are times where it is hard to watch his erratic behaviour, to see the way he speaks to people and the crazy things he does.  This will make you cringe, and put your head in your hands to watch how much he is throwing away.  But this will also help to show the stark difference in personality and lifestyle when we see him at the end, much more contented with his life and living much happier.

I don’t think this documentary is on many peoples radar, but it should be.  It is engaging and interesting and really well out together, I highly recommend you give it a shot.  A prior knowledge of Comedy etc is not required.

‘Never Be Done’ is now available to buy on Amazon for £9.99 or Rent for £2.99

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