Series Review: The Woods (2020) A Review

This clever Polish Crime Drama leaves you guessing right up until the very last minute.  I had a million theories while watching this, but as it turns out, I was way off.

Certificate: 15

Starring: Grzegorz Damiecki, Agnieszka Grochowska, Hubert Milkowski

Genre: Crime, Drama

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 6

Runtime: 6 Episodes, 1hr Each

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Twenty years earlier, the Kopcinski family dealt with a horrific situation involving the woods surrounding a summer camp. Now, one of the original homicide victims has resurfaced–with a different name and hints that he survived. Pawel Kopcinski finds himself dragged back into the anguish of that dreadful evening. Not only did he lose his sister, he lost real connection with his parents, due to their grief. As he explores the widening mysteries, he is faced to confront hard truths about each and every person he has loved. – From IMDB

Netflix pumps out so many Crime Dramas in a month that it is often hard to keep up with them.  So when another one came up I all but rolled my eyes.  Surely they can’t keep putting these things out.  So it’s safe to say that I was suitably apprehensive this was just going to be another run of the mill crime drama.  But luckily for everyone involved really, this was a lot more than just Netflix’s average offering.

‘The Woods’ feeds you it’s information very slowly, and every time you think you are on the right track it throws you a curve ball and you find out that you were actually wrong all along.  This drip feeding of information does mean that the beginning of the series does take it’s time to get going.  You are left waiting for quite a long time to find out what big mystery everyone is hiding.  There is a present day storyline happening at the same time as well to keep momentum going, but it isn’t really important to the real mystery being examined here.

Pawel and Laura are our two main characters and they are portrayed excellently by Grzegorz Damiecki and Agnieszka Grochowska.  They are both given full and interesting characters with great backstories and complex personalities, something that can be neglected in crime series, often being left out in place of a well written mystery.  But luckily here we get both.

I would have liked a bit more of a conclusive ending, it is left a little ambiguously with Pawel perhaps, maybe finding his sister.  And I think this story will stand a lot better on it’s own as a limited series rather then coming back for consecutive series.

This series is originally Polish, and I would highly recommend you watch it in it’s original language with the subtitle turned on.  As usual I tried one episode with the English dubbing turned on and yikes!  Those voice actors can just never make the acting sound all that believable.  Do yourself a favour, and just watch it as it is meant to be seen.

As far as crime series go, I think this is pretty solid one and can highly recommend. If you are curious about it, ‘The Woods’ is streaming now on Netflix.

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