TV Review: Snowpiercer (2020) Episode 6

The plot seems to have lost it’s way for me a little bit.  There isn’t a really cohesive storyline happening anymore. 

Certificate: 15

Director: Helen Shaver

Screenwriter: Josh Friedman, Graeme Manson

Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Mickey Sumner

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

Runtime: 60 Mins

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

After the outcome of the trial, passengers in Third class are understandably angry and planning a strike.  But Melanie has more important things to worry about after discovering that Layton has been released from the drawers and having to deal with a major electrical malfunction which could spell disaster for the entire train.  Elsewhere, Osweiller is blackmailing Till, and Melanie seems to be grooming Miles for an important job.

This series has,  no pun intended, gone way off the rails for me.  I griped a lot about the murder mystery element in the beginning, but at least that had a solid and continuous plot.  Now that subplot is over, we are sitting through episodes where not a lot is really happening.  We are being drip fed information and given tiny pieces of Melanie’s grand plan, but in such tiny pieces that they mean almost nothing.  And with not many episodes left in the first season, I feel like his series is going to suffer from some pretty crazy pacing issues.

Layton, while supposing to be the leader of a great revolution, isn’t doing much revolting.  And though him and Josie both now know Melanie’s secret, neither of them seem all that concerned or are really trying to get to the bottom of it.    I don’t really see the point of Josie as a character, she hasn’t added much to the plot at this point and seems to do little more than be a love interest for Layton from time to time.  If she is going to be such a recurring character, then I want her to have a more important role.

I am going to assume the closer we get to the end, the more we will find out about Melanie and why she is in charge of the train, and what her plans are.  These revelations are going to have to be big and incredibly dramatic to save this storyline from totally losing its way.

Episode 6 of Snowpiercer is now available to watch on Netflix.

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