Unsolved Mysteries (2020) A Review

A great show about a collection of unsolved mysteries, none of which are the ones you see in all shows of this type.  I had a blast watching this.

Certificate: 15

Starring: Jamie Addison, Braxton Angle, Aaron Matthew Atkisson

Number of Seasons: 1

Number of Episodes: 6

Genre: Documentary

Runtime: 50min Episodes

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

A new Netflix series consisting of six episodes, each of these episodes deals with a different unsolved case.  Done in a classic documentary style, with interviews with people involved in the case, archive footage and up to date footage of the places the crimes took place.  It was engaging the entire time and each case was different enough that the episodes never got boring.

These cases aren’t the usual ones that we are usually treated too with these ‘unsolved cases’ kind of deals.  I hadn’t heard of any of them and each of them was a fascinating case t hear.  But it is hard to judge this show on it’s entertainment value.  Most of the cases involved an unsolved murder or missing person, and the people that where left behind are on the screen, still imploring everyone watching for information.  At the end of the episodes they gave you websites or phone numbers you could use if you had any information.  And I don’t know if you can judge something like that for it’s entertainment value.

Towards the end of the series the case takes a drastic change from unsolved murder cases to a case about a UFO sighting.  This was a little jarring and a huge change of pace from the rest of the show.  I have seen and read more about UFO sighting then I care to admit (I am also a HUGE X-Files Fan) so while I enjoyed these episodes, I didn’t click on this show expecting to see that, and it wasn’t any knew information about the phenomena.  And was just really out of place surrounded by all the other unsolved crime episodes.

Fans of True Crime documentaries will probably love to see this, random UFO episode aside.  It’s only six episodes so it won’t take you a long time, and it is interesting and engaging enough to be worth a watch for sure.

If you are curious about this ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is streaming now on Netflix.

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