The Business of Drugs (2020) A Review

A really engaging and eye opening documentary about the Drug trade around the world.  I expected to be bored and not interested for the most part.  But boy was I wrong

Certificate: 15

Starring Amarylis Fox

Episodes: 6

Runtime: 40 Minutes Each

Genre: Documentary, Crime

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

This Documentary explains in very simple terms, the war that America is engaged in against the drug trade.  It shows you why people become involved in the drug trade, how it is made, how it is trafficked and the economic effects it has on the world.  And some of these facts may surprise you.

When in her Opening comments Fox said that she was looking at economics of the drug trade and studied international law, I was prepared for this to be boring.  For this to be an info dump and little else.  But Fox manages to make this show so very engaging.  She presents these facts in a way that is easily to understand, but not like you are being lectured or preached to.  I wouldn’t have imagined that this subject could have been made to sound so interesting.

She also does a really great job of humanising the drug trade too.  Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t glorifying it, or underplaying it.  But she does a fantastic job of showing people involved in the drug trade, especially the farmers and dealers, as just normal human being, who are doing whatever they have to do to put food on the table for their families.  In some places in the world like Myanmar or East Africa, where there is a lot of dire poverty, these farmers and traffickers aren’t inherently bad people, they just don’t have a lot of other options to make money.  And this is a fact that I would never have considered, had it not been for this documentary.

It is amazing to see the places that she manged to get herself into, and the people that she manages to interview for this show.  We are talking everyone from farmers, smugglers, traffickers, dealers to members of academia and members of local law enforcement and militia groups.  She worked as a analyst for the CIA on their war on terrorism, so these are situations that she is familiar and somewhat comfortable with, so this experience definitely helps to make this show as interesting as it is.  Without this access, there would have been a lot less eye opening information.

This isn’t the usual kind of documentary that I watch, but I thought I would give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised.  If you think this is something that you could get to grips with, ‘The Business of Drugs’ is streaming now on Netflix.

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