Series Review: Cursed (2020)

Another reimagining of the King Arthur myth, this time focussing on Nimue, the young girl who becomes the lady of the lake.  I did kind of struggle with this, it never really resonated with me.

Certificate: 15

Creator: Frank Miller, Tom Wheeler

Starring: Katherine Langford, Devon Terrell, Gustaf Skarsgård

Episodes: 10

Runtime: 60 Minutes Each

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

This retelling of the Arthurian Legends imagines the origins of Nimue, ‘The Lady of the Lake.’  As a young woman, Nimue struggles with her powerful magic that makes her an outcast even among her own people.  When religious zealots begin wiping out Fey kind, with the help of the ruthless Weeping Monk, Nimue must take a legendary to the Wizard Merlin, in the hopes of saving her people.  Along the way she meets a young Arthur and accidently becomes the leader of a rebellion.

So this series is based off of a popular Young Adult novel, and you can see that a mile away.  The romance element is nearly immediate, as is the case with a LOT of young adult novels, It makes substantial use of the chosen one trope that at some point has to h=start getting a bit stale surely, and even for about half an episode, throws in a love triangle.  Even if it goes away super fast, it was there for a minute.  And I think all these points are some of the reasons I struggled with this show.  I had seen it all before and seen it done better, so I was just rolling my eyes a whole lot.

There are some great things about it though.  Raging YA stereotypes aside, the plot was pretty good.  But more then anything, there were some truly fantastic characters here, and not necessarily the main characters.  Yes, Katherine Langford does a pretty good job as our leading lady, even if in previous roles she hasn’t exactly been my favourite.  But I expected her to shine, she has the lead role, that is kind of what she is there for, though I will say I was pleasantly surprised by how well she did. But it was her cast of supporting characters that surprised me the most. 

The Weeping Monk, a constant malevolent force in the show is a great character, and isn’t until the end of the series that we really find out anything about him, he is just shrouded in mystery the entire time.  And also Sister Iris, though a relatively small role, had amazing presence while on screen, and had one of the most gripping stories.

But I think the show is relying too heavily on getting itself renewed for another season, as there are so many things that I feel the show did not address as fully as it should have.  So I have already mentioned that Sister Iris was one of my favourite characters in the show, but why didn’t we learn ANYTHING about her?  She had quite an important role despite the small amount of screen time, and had a very strong personality, so a little backstory on what made her that way would have helped people to empathise with her and understand her character better.  Same with the Weeping monk and with the Vikings from the Red Spear.  We see them briefly when Pym is staying with them, and then they sort of disappear for a good while, then arrive just in time to help save the day.  Some real story holes here, that I am assuming will be picked up in the next season.

Character wise it’s mostly a yes, Story wise…meh, it definitely d=could have been better.  Don’t expect wonders from it and you should be OK.

Cured is streaming now on Netflix.

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