Offering to the Storm (2020) A Review

A Spanish crime thriller with some scenes that are very hard to watch.  But is it just more of the same?  Is there anything here that really stands out?

Certificate: 18

Director: Fernando González Molina

Screenwriter: Luiso Berdejo, Dolores Redondo (novel)

Starring: Marta Etura, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Paco Tous

Genre: Crime, Thriller

Runtime: 139 Minutes

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by Pearl

Inspector Amaia Salazar returns in the third film of the Baztan Trilogy, dealing with a new case with links to old wounds.  It all starts with an investigation into a rash of infants crib deaths that she believes are suspicious, and ends up with her team being ensconced in the world of witchcraft and the occult, with many of it’s members committing suicide before they can be questioned.  Shocking truths about Amaia’s own past will come to light and it comes apparent that she cannot trust anyone, as there is a leak in her department.

I really enjoyed this trilogy of films, and this final instalment had the most engaging story out of the three, but I can’t held feeling that it would have come off better as a TV show rather than a movie.  This is true of all three parts of the trilogy, but I feel particularly true with this third instalment.  There was so much backstory thrust in here, and information about the strange cult, that would have really benefitted from being fleshed out more, even given some proper screen time, and that could have been done if it had run as a 4 or 6 part limited series.  I still liked the entire plot of the film, but it felt rushed in places, due to how much had to be crammed in.  As this is a trilogy I don’t expect there will be any more releases in this story, a real shame as a lot of things weren’t properly wrapped up.

These crime dramas that we are getting from Netflix at the moment, whether in film or series format are all landing just a little bit flat for me.  I predicted the big plot twist at the end pretty early on, so missed out on the whole shock element at the end.  I expected a more dramatic ending then the one we got, it was over far too quickly and while the visual inside the crypt was jarring, there was no real big finale.  It was all over with pretty quickly.   Lots of build up, and then a disappointing ending.  The story with the cult isn’t really wrapped up at all, the leader may have been uncovered, but we don’t get anymore of a resolution then that.  It feels like it needs another film after it to wrap everything up, but as far as I know this is the end of the series.

Overall this is nothing new.  It will be entertaining for those who love crime dramas, either in film or TV format, but if you have seen one film like this, then nothing that happens here will surprise you it follows a pretty basic formula.  Watch it if you are bored this weekend, but I wouldn’t go out of your way.

Offering to the Storm is streaming on Netflix now!

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