The New Mutants (2020) A Review

Sometimes, films get delayed.  And sometimes, having to wait for these films, makes them seem even better.  That is NOT the case here.

Certificate: 15

Director: Josh Boone

Screenwriter: Josh Boone, Knate Lee

Starring: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton

Genre: Action, Horror

Runtime: 98 Minutes

Rating: 2 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Dani, a young mutant who hasn’t come into her powers yet, wakes up in an isolated facility, designed to help Mutants learn to control their powers.  But the longer she stays there, the more she comes to think that maybe they aren’t there, maybe there is a more sinister agenda behind keeping them there.  And then, weird demon like creatures start wreaking havoc in the facility and the patients have to come to terms with their powers to team up and keep themselves alive.

Well, it’s finally here.  After being originally slated to release in 2017 it has suffered more setbacks then I can name.  But the worst thing is, that now ‘The New Mutants’ is finally here, it is just so disappointing.  I mean I wasn’t expecting to be blown away, I am well past the point of expecting any X-Men related property to wow me in any way.  But I was hoping for at least a semi-scary, entertaining story about kids with weird superpowers. 

Instead, because this film is trying to be a horror story and a superhero film, but can’t really decide which one it prefers more, it doesn’t do a good job of being either.  The trailer did a great job of portraying the creepy atmosphere and terrifying happenings, but in the film, they really just fall flat.  And then we don’t get enough of a good look at any of these mutants using there powers to really admire it as a superhero film either.  Anya Taylor-Joy’s character probably gets the most time kicking ass, but the others all take a side line.

I do not think Blu Hunt, who plays Dani our main character, has a strong enough screen presence to carry of the main character position.  Especially not in a room of people who have much more experience under their belts and quite frankly more interesting characters.  Dani is uninteresting and has no real personality.  She blends into the background of her own film.  And that final resolution for her character, standing up against the demon bear…that was the most diabolical resolution to a superhero film I have seen in a long time, and I have watched all the previous X-Men films, so that is saying a lot.  I know it is meant to have an important message about facing your fears etc, but it just didn’t work here as a plot conclusion.

And for the sake of the three friends I went to see this film with, I am going to mention that unless you have seen Logan (which they hadn’t) the nameless, faceless organisation that runs the hospital will mean naff-all to you.  The whole reason they uncover that they are in the hospital will have so much less weight if you don’t know about the Essex Corporation and know the things they were doing to kids, as is explained in ‘Logan.’  So I would recommend you see this first before watching this film.

All in all, this should not be the film that drags you out to the theatres for the first time in six months.  I had my issues with ‘Tenet’, but I would highly suggest you give this one a miss and go and see that instead.


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