So Much Love to Give (2020) A Review

An Argentinean comedy that is chaotic and cliche from the very opening moments. Not one that I can recommend.

Certificate: 12

Director: Marcos Carnevale

Writers: Adrián Suar, Marcos Carnevale

Starring: Soledad Villamil, Adrián Suar, Gabriela Toscano 

Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 108 Minutes

Rating: 1.5 Stars

Reviewed by Pearl

A successful doctor with a heart with the capacity to ‘love more than normal people’ has been juggling two families for many years. After he is in a car accident, an administration mix up at the hospital means that both his wives are called to the hospital. And the craziness begins there.

So this was just, not good. It was so predictable, the two line overview on IMDB tells you everything that you need or want to know. And from that moment, there is nothing that will happen in this film that will surprise you. You can almost tell scene for scene what us going to happen, and none of it is really that great. A hundred films have been made using this exact story and I have seen many many better ones than this. Netflix releases a lot of comedies and for the most part a lot of them are just average. This one comes in towards the bottom of the pile for me.

The acting isn’t terrific. I know that comedies often call for a little bit of goofiness and over acting. But this pushes it a little too far. Everyone has a slightly overblown personality, our main character Fernando has an almost childlike manner of speaking and both of his wives aren’t much better. They are effectively the same person, but they look different. Other than their appearances, I couldn’t tell you one thing to distinguish one from the other.

The premise is entertaining I guess. And could have opened the way for a good few laughs. And there were a few chuckle worthy moments throughout the film, especially once Fernando’s control over his two lives starts to slip a little. But this film tries to hard to be funny ALL THE TIME rather than just during funny moments, so the constant attempts at humour get really old really fast. I was done with this film after about half an hour.

I did struggle through to the end, and I can’t say that I am happy I did. Some films just feel like they ate up 100 minutes of your life that you could have spent doing something much more interesting. This is one of those films. If you get a hankering to watch a comedy on Netflix this week, I highly recommend that you choose something else, this one is not worth your time.


  1. When you write a film review, try to maintain the same tense throughout the piece. Normally, the present tense is used on all film reviews. Better luck next time.


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