The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020) A Review

Sequel to The Babysitter, this is a horror comedy set 2 years after the first.  Horror sequels can be very hit or miss so hopefully this is a hit.

Certificate: 15

Director: McG

Screenwriter: Dan Lagana, McG

Starring: Bella Thorne, Samara Weaving, Leslie Bibb

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Runtime: 101 Minutes

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Two years after the events of ‘The Babysitter’ Cole is struggling to deal with the events of the night he was hunted by a blood cult.  After his parents threaten to send him to a Psychiatric Academy, he skips school and goes to the lake with a bunch of friends.  But this trip doesn’t exactly go according to plan when Cole finds himself once again at the mercy of the cult.  And with no-one to help him apart from a recent transfer student he has never met before.

I don’t know if this film is really worth the three stars I gave it.  I think that it is more realistically a two star film with an extra star for pure entertainment value.  In reality this film is a kind of mash up of Zombieland and every slasher movie you ever saw in the nineties, and it does it quite brilliantly.  It doesn’t really take itself to seriously, its clear the actors are having a great time here and so by extension we do too because everything here is made out to be a joke.

There are enough pop culture references crammed into this film to satisfy even the most ardent of movie buffs.  I couldn’t even keep count of the amount of film, video game and popular culture references that were made, but I caught a good amount from all of my favourite genres, so I was really enjoying myself.  This film is also surprisingly gory in places which I was not expecting.  If you are sensitive to that kind of thing beware, we get a few really good death shots, including watching Bella Thorne get slowly decapitated, which I am not going to lie, was oddly satisfying.

The story is pretty generic.  Even if you don’t see the plot twist that comes about half an hour in, I know I surely didn’t, once the twist hit it was pretty much a done deal and if you saw the first film, you know exactly what is going to happen for the remaining hour and a half.  That does not mean that the ridiculous deaths and witty quips are not plenty entertaining, they are just really predictable.  But I guess not every film gets it’s rocks off by astounding its audience.  Some still believe in the old-fashioned idea that films should be made to entertain.

I wasn’t keen on the ending; I think compared to the dark nature of the rest of the content (relatively speaking of course) that it was just a bit too squeaky clean.  It was too fairy-tale for me, but I guess it gave poor Cole and Phoebe some respite after their ordeal. 

It was interesting to see how this film dealt with Cole’s experience.  A lot of horror movie sequrls tend to act as though their protagonists are the most well adjusted humans on the planet.  And besides a few jittery moments here and there, they are largely unaffected by their experiences.  My personal horror movie heroine Sydney Prescott being one of the only exceptions to this rule.  Here we see a character that is truly suffering because of their experiences, and who, rather than trying to pretend it never happened are trying to deal with their experience, even if everyone around them is being less than helpful.  Some great mental health rep, even if it buried under a lot of humour and blood and guts.

A lot better than I was expecting and a great watch if you are wanting a laugh.  This is one comedy that Netflix kinda got right.

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