Bill and Ted Face the Music (2020) Review

This is not a sequel we asked for, and twenty years after the fact seems like way too long of a gap to wait to release another film.  Was it worth it?

Certificate: PG

Director: Dean Parisot

Screenwriter: Chris Matheson, Ed Solomon

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, Kristen Schaal

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Runtime: 91 Minutes

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

25 Years ago, Bill and Ted were told they would write a song that would unite the word.  Now as struggling middle aged musicians with kids of their own, Bill and Ted still have not written that song.  Toying with the idea of giving up, they are summoned to the future where they are told that they have 76 minutes to write the song or all of reality as they know it will be destroyed.  So as they travel to the future to ask their future selves what song they wrote, their daughters go back in time to assemble an awesome band of famous musicians to help their dads preserve time and space.

If you were a fan of the first two Bill and Ted films then let’s be honest you will be fine with this film too.  It is just more of the same really.  The same kind of humour, the same time travelling antics, just with Bill and Ted being a little older now, despite them still talking like stoned teenagers.  This is fan service that came twenty years too late.

They attempt to fit an adult story line in here by having Bill and Ted attend couples therapy with their wives, worried that they have a completely co-dependant relationship.  Which of course they do, and that is where a lot of the humour in these films comes from.  But naturally this goes right over the heads of their clueless husbands.  This was one of my favourite parts of the film, and I felt it a shame that there wasn’t a little more of that.

 I found that adventures of their daughters, travelling through time and collecting the most famous musicians in history, a much more enjoyable plot then that of Bill and Ted themselves.  I would have happily watched a whole film about that with Bill and Ted being more minor side characters, because once everyone comes together again at the end, it is magical.  But the several small plot lines going on at the same time was a little unnecessary.  I especially didn’t go for the robotic assassin angle.  I didn’t enjoy the character, I didn’t find him funny or entertaining, and mostly was just irritated by his presence.  We could have done without him.

Hopefully with the way this film ended we are safe from any more unnecessary sequels in this franchise.  Keanu reeves has moved on so far from this character and I much prefer him in the action movie roles he has been taking in recent years.  Bill and Ted, it was wonderful to see you again, but lets make this the last time OK.

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