Series Review: Emily in Paris (2020)

This is a light, fluffy comedy that shows you how life in Paris most definitely isn’t and is probably a little insulting if you happen to be French.

Certificate: 12

Creator: Darren Star

Starring: Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park

Episodes: 10

Runtime: 30 Minutes Each

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

A young American woman, Emily, is sent by her Marketing firm in Chicago, to work for a Luxury brand Marketing firm in Paris.  A dream come true.  But the experience isn’t all she dreamed.  She doesn’t speak the language, understand the culture or have any friends in the city.  Her new boss hates her and will do everything she can to make her day to day life a living hell, and she has a crush on her downstairs neighbour.  Emily has to find her feet in this new city and in the process finds out that she is capable of more than she thought.

Lovers of series like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl will be in their element here.  Gorgeous back drops, jaw dropping fashion, lavish parties all go a long way to absorbing you into the wonderful world of Emily’s Paris.  The only downside is that Paris is really nothing like this and It is literally a Hollywood imagining of the city.  For a cutesy, kinda raunchy rom com like this, that Hollywood image kind of fits I guess, but the life of a junior marketing executive would never really be this glamourous.  Nor would she probably be able to afford all the designer clothes that she is apparently wearing.

The plot for the show is adorable.  We follow poor bumbling Emily and her close group of friends and colleagues and get involved in all their small sub plots as well.  Her boss is having an affair with a client.  Her best friend wants to quit her day job and become a singer.  The usual kind of soap-opera-y high jinks that you would expect from a show of this kind.  It is utterly charming in its execution and I was weirdly enthralled by the whole thing.  It is a great palate cleanser at the end of a day if you want to watch something quick and fun.  That is I imagine, unless you happen to be French.

This is where the show lost points with me. The show takes a very odd approach to representing French people.  All of them are embodiments of French stereotypes that most of us will have heard about.  And Emily is frequently talking with her American friands about how ‘odd’ she finds French people.  Overall, this show doesn’t really show the French people in a good light, especially seeing as the show is set in Paris, and therefore it would be Emily that would be considered to be the one acting strangely. So, I would just bare that in mind going in.

Enjoyable but problematic, I recommend it for it’s entertainment value only, not for it’s representation of Paris or France on the whole.

‘Emily in Paris’ is streaming on Netflix Now!

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