Cadaver (2020) Review

Netflix’s new Norwegian horror film attempts to discuss Social class and poverty, but takes on too much and loses it’s way.

Certificate: 15

Director: Jarand Herdal

Screenwriter: Jarand Herdal

Starring: Gitte Witt, Thomas Gullestad, Thorbjørn Harr

Genre: Drama, Horror

Runtime: 86 Minutes

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

In the starving aftermath of a nuclear disaster, a family of three attends a charitable event at hotel, promising a dinner show with food included. When they arrive at the hotel, they eat their fill, but soon, things start to take a sinister turn when audience members start to disappear and the line between reality and theatre starts to blur. Leo realises there is something much more sinister going on than a dinner show.

This film has an eerie and unsettling atmosphere right from the very beginning. The dreary appearance of the outside world, partnered with a great score do a great job at setting a tone for the film. So we are just sitting and waiting for the other shoe to drop from the very beginning.

And once things get ramped up in the actual hotel, it is hard to know what to believe there is so much misdirection. So we are just as confused as everyone else. But the problem was it was just too unbelievable, and the story kind of lost it’s way because of that. It just turns into Leo running around the hotel by herself seeing more and more disturbing stuff. Plot kind of gets left behind. And really, with a plot about starvation, there was only going to be one ghastly reveal. And I called it from pretty early on.

Social commentary type horror films seem to be all the rage at the moment, and Netflix have put out a couple decent ones recently, but what continues to happen is that the endings are a little disappointing. And it is the same here. While it might not have the mind bending ending of ‘The Platform’ things do wrap up here far too nicely. And far too quickly. I was expecting something a bit more shocking. Instead it ends predictably and neatly and that’s the end of that.

It’s a shame they couldn’t have put a more well developed plot into this story. It was such an interesting premise and it had a lot of potential.

‘Cadaver’ is streaming now on Netflix.

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