Blood From Stone (2020) Review

More than just a ‘Vampire Movie’, Blood From Stone is more of a Romantic Thriller where the main characters just happen to be vampires.

Certificate: TBD

Director: Geoff Ryan

Screenwriter: Geoff Ryan

Starring: Vanja Kapetanovic, Gabriella Toth, Nika Khitrova

Genre: Romance, Thriller

Runtime: 116 Minutes

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl


Amid the flickering lights of a small gambling town in the Nevada desert, Darya (Gabriella Toth) has escaped to start a new life after being turned vampire by Jure (Vanja Kapetanovic) and kept as his bride for centuries. Jure tracks her down in this new place and makes himself at home amongst the tourists and lost souls. As the bodies pile up, suspicions of the local authorities draw in on them forcing a clash of immortals where the only choice is destruction or creation, vengeance, or forgiveness. A new era dawns for Darya if she is able to escape the old one.

I feel like, since the likes of ‘Twilight’ graced our screens; the reputation of vampire movies has been…not good.  So I am delighted to inform you that here we have a vampire movie that is not afraid to buck the trend, to try something a little bit different and try and throw off that dismal blanket that Edward Cullen shrouded everything in.  In fact here, the word ‘vampire’ is never even uttered.  It really is not the main focus of the film at all.  Instead we get a character driven Romantic Thriller, where the problems and challenges that the characters face just happen to stem from the fact that they are undead. 

We get two storylines interwoven here.  The first is Jure’s story, where he is struggling to control his nightly hunting and is racking up a considerable body count, getting the attention of local authorities while refusing to admit he needs help to control his urges.  And the second story belongs to Darya, Jure’s ex, who is just trying to reclaim some kind of normal life while keeping her identity under wraps.  Both these stories are great on their own, emotionally charged, well developed and well paced.  I just feel that the film needs to decide which plot is going to be it’s main focus, in order to give it a real sense of direction.  Jure’s story is the more interesting of the two, and had the potential for some real deep character development.  Or if they insist on making this a dual narrative, have Darya’s story wrapped up a little more concretely, really see her wrestle with the decision that she has to make at the end of the film rather than  a sort of fade-to-black situation.

The acting can seem a little amateurish at times, but then is interspersed with some really hard hitting scenes that are superbly well performed.  The scene between Viktoria and Jure in the bar after they go hunting is my favourite in the whole film.  Really simply presented, just two people sitting in a bar, but when delivered this well, it becomes a fantastic piece of character work.

If this sounds like it may be up your alley, ‘Blood from Stone’ is available worldwide on VOD October 31.

Or alternatively at Arena Cinelounge theatre in LA on October 30th as long as pandemic guidelines allow.

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