The Mandalorian Season 2 (2020) Episode 3 ‘The Heiress’

This was action packed from the beginning to end.  Plus some hints at some awesomeness to come later in the season too. 

Certificate: PG

Director: Bryce Dallas Howard

Screenwriter: Jon Favreau

Starring: Pedro Pascal, Misty Rosas, Sasha Banks

Genre: Sci Fi, Adventure

Runtime: 35 Minutes

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

 After the events of the last chapter, Mando and his crew are limping to the port town of Trask so he can deliver his passenger to her husband, and get his ship repaired.  While there he falls foul of a ship full of pirates, and is rescued by some surprising allies.  In exchange for helping them take control of an Imperial Cargo ship, they promise to direct him to the remaining Jedi, so he can return the Child to more of his own kind.

It’s taken eleven episodes, but finally we get to see Mando fighting side by side with others of his kind.  And it is a glorious thing to behold.  The fight sequences are shot wonderfully and choreographed really well. And that’s good because they take up quite a lot of the episode.  This is a really physical episode and it’s nice to see him share some of that physical work with a bunch of actors who can keep up and perform just as well as him.  We begin to see that something may not be altogether right about the belief system that he holds, compared to others of his kind, a storyline I am sure we will revisit later in the season.  We also get information about the next stage of his journey, and about a new character that will be arriving on the show hopefully next week, and I for one am so very, VERY excited.  Lots of little plot nuggets this week that will no doubt lead somewhere later. 

The nautical aspect of this episode was a nice change of pace, and a break from the usual space battle etc, it was a shame that we didn’t get to experience more of it.  The side storyline about the ‘frog lady’ was a nice little addition of cuteness to this episode, and it was a relief not to see Baby Yoda eating more of the eggs this week, as that caused quite a lot of people quite a lot of anxiety last week.

As far as story goes this week had a great one, a little lighter on the antics of our favourite green alien, but they have to sacrifice that every now and then in order to further the plot.  Some great foreshadowing for future plot points and a lot of really kick-ass action sequences.  All round a pretty good show this week.

‘The Mandalorian’ Seasons 1 and 2 are Streaming now on Disney+

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