The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020) Review

This film knows what it is, and it plays into that, never taking itself too seriously, and giving us all the warm fuzzies that world is in dire need of right now.

Certificate: PG

Director: Mike Rohl

Screenwriter: Robin Bernheim, Megan Metzger

Starring: Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palladio, Nick Sagar

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Runtime: 96 minutes

Rating: 4 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

After her Cousin shockingly abdicates following her fathers death, Duchess Margaret finds herself next in line to the throne of Montenaro.  Having split up with Kevin several months before it is once again up to body double Stacy to take on some royal duties in order for Margaret and Kevin to have a chance to discuss their relationship.  But before the coronation can take place and Margaret and Kevin can have their happily ever after, another lookalike, party-girl Fiona arrives at the palace with an eye on the royal fortune and Margaret’s crown.

There is just something so delightfully wholesome about these minds of movies that always come out around the holiday season.  They don’t take themselves too seriously, they know who their target audience are, and they play into that.  Netflix knows they have a legion of devoted fans ready to gobble up these fluffy, twee, romantic stories and so the films don’t really have to try to be anything else.  And right now, when the world can use all the joy and fluffiness it can manifest, this is the perfect balm.  It’s predictable, and funny and will make a perfect film for a girls holiday movie night.

Vanessa Hudgens clearly decided she hadn’t given herself enough to do in the last film, so this time round she plays three roles!  Each very different from each other and Fiona even comes with her own style of backing music which cracked me up every time it played.  The friendship between Margaret and Stacy is really great, and it was nice to see some more of that this time round.  Poor Prince Edward seems to have been kind of left to one side for most of this film.  It appears he and Stacy are having some mild marital issues, and it could have made for an interesting side-story, but instead he is left to mostly wonder around the palace and wish that he could finally get some ‘alone time’ with his wife, which sadly seems to never actually happen.

The whole film is just dripping with Christmas cheer, the sets are over decorated with wreaths and garlands and about a kajillion Christmas trees.  In any other film this would be over kill, but not here.  Here it is just part of the charm.  The final coronation scene is spectacular to watch and a nice little cameo from characters from another Netflix Christmas franchise was a ice addition.  One the whole if you liked the first one, or you are a fan of Netflix’s ‘A Christmas Prince’ movies, then you will definitely love this.  Don’t hate on it’s cheesiness, it’s totally intentional.

‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’ is streaming now on Netflix.

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