The Beast (2020) Review

Slightly Melodramatic, with a pounding score to match, this is basically an Italian remake of taken, just a little more rough around the edges.

Certificate: 15

Director: Ludovico Di Martino

Screenwriter: Claudia De Angelis, Ludovico Di Martino

Starring: Fabrizio Gifuni, Lino Musella, Monica Piseddu

Genre: Action, Crime

Runtime: 97 Minutes

Rating: 2 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

Leonida Riva is a gloomy, solitary war veteran, once Captain of the Army’s special forces. Life and work have driven Riva apart from his family. His eldest son, Mattia, has never forgiven him while his daughter, Teresa, loves him unconditionally. However, a tragic event will force Leonida to transform into something he thought he had long buried in the past – From IMDB

Leonida Riva has a very certain set of skills…oh wait no sorry, wrong film.  But the premise is basically the same.  And the same as about a thousand other action films that you have probably already seen.  There is literally nothing here that will make this film stand out, it is average in just about every way.  It’s all style over substance.

We don’t spend any time really with the family at the beginning to get an emotional attachment to any of them, of get a real sense of what their relationships are, and they have such little interactions throughout the film that, that never really changes.  So there is little to no emotional investment in the story.  Riva’s backstory, being a POW in Afghanistan had promise to be an interesting plot development but is also under used.  The film really has no coherent plot development and relies heavily on its action sequences in an attempt to keep audiences interested.

And don’t get me wrong, the action sequences are amazing.  They are brutal and bloody and well shot, if that chaotic style of film making is your jam.  But this is really all the film has going for it.  All the energy and focus went into the fight scenes and none was left for anything else.  So for all the fighting and car chases and explosions, you cared very little about what was going on because you cared very little for all the characters.

It’s lack of plot makes the film feel way way too long as they try and spread what little story they have over the films admittedly already pretty short runtime.  Then just when yout hink it should be wrapping up, they add an extra twenty minutes onto the end.

I watched this one so you don’t have too.  There are way better action movies on Netflix, so I would suggest you give this one a miss.

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