Just Another Christmas (2020) Review

It’s kind of a Christmas edition of ‘Groundhog Day’ but Portuguese and with a little more over the top comedy. But beware a few tear jerking moments!

Certificate: 12

Director: Roberto Santucci

Screenwriter: Paulo Cursino

Starring: Arianne Botelho, Louise Cardoso, José Rubens Chachá

Genre: Comedy, Christmas

Runtime: 100 Minutes

Rating: 3 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

A man who has always hated Christmas finds himself waking up everyday and it still being Christmas, just a year later.  He remembers nothing that happened during the year and he finds that over the years his life is turning into something that he doesn’t recognise or want.  It takes him a good few Christmases, but eventually he starts to learn a few lessons about what Christmas is really about.

OK, So this film has some surprisingly emotional moments considering that it is meant to be a comedy.  Especially towards the end.  The comedy towards the beginning leans more towards the outrageous and the slapstick, but the film becomes more heartfelt and meaningful towards the end as many Christmas movies often do.  This is a really interesting way of doing a time loop story and I did really enjoy the mechanic of it, even if the humour wasn’t really for me.

I have to say for a minute there I thought that it was going to subvert my expectations and end in a way that I didn’t expect, and while it did ultimately end up ending in that stereotypical, ‘Everybody-learns-a-valuable-lesson-about-the-true-meaning-of-Christmas, way that most Christmas films do, it was still pretty enjoyable.

The comedy style was not for me, but if you have been here a while you will know that as a rule comedies aren’t really my jam at all.  But the slapstick style, physical comedy at the beginning wasn’t all that funny, and I enjoyed the film a  lot more when it took a more serious and emotional tone towards the end when Jorge really began to appreciate all the things he had in life.  I don’t think this film necessarily had to be a comedy t tell it’s story, but I think it had to be a comedy to stop it being a total weepie towards the end.

For all the Christmas films I have seen so far this year this is one of my favourites.  It tries something a little different, and while it still has the trademark mushy, emotional ending, it isn’t as formulaic as some of the others.  It’s a little cheesy and over acted in places, especially some of the minor characters, I am looking at you Marcia, but generally for a quick easy watch I would recommend.

‘Just Another Christmas’ is streaming on Netflix Now.

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