My Top 5 Christmas Movies

Whether they are fantastic, or just so bad that they are good, Christmas movies are a rite of passage this time of year, and every one has their favourites, and their favourite tropes. So I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Christmas Films. Leave your Top 5 in the comments when you are done reading.

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5. Home Alone

A total timeless classic about a young boy that is left behind when the rest of his family go away for vacation over Christmas, and he has to defend his home from some burglars.

I only saw this for the first time last year, and it has cemented itself into my annual movie watch list.

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4. Jingle all the Way.

As a child I found this film hilarious. As a adult I can fully identify with this poor guy running all over town trying to get his hands on the most popular toy for his son for Christmas.

Arnie is never really the most convincing actor, his best performance is terminator, and that’s mostly because he barely has to speak. But his campy performance and over dramatic presentation just add to the cheesiness of this Childhood favourite of mine.

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3. Elf

This film has become a bit of a Cultural phenomenon. A lot of peoples favourite of all time, Elf is a story of Buddy, an elf who discovers he is actually human, and goes to America in search of his real father.

Will Ferrell was the perfect choice for this film. His crazy comedic acting style fits perfectly here and has one of my all time favourite impromptu sing along moments. A real modern Christmas Classic.

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2. Klaus

Last year this was a huge Netflix success. Beautifully animated, a wonderful, heart-warming story about the power of doing a kind act for another person, this is afilm that both adults and kids alike will love.

I haven’t spoken to one person who has seen this film who didn’t absolutely love it. I even made my mum watch it and she thought it was magical, so if by any chance you didn’t see it last year, I highly recommend you do so this year.

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1. A Charlie Brown Christmas.

An American institution, here in the UK this short little animated Christmas Special isn’t as well known. But it should be. It’s just wholesome, and funny and adorable. It might be fifty years old, and the sound and animation may be getting on a bit, but it is still my favourite thing to watch during the Christmas Season. I watch it every Christmas Eve before I go to bed and it just fills me with Christmas joy. Give it a shot, I promise you will love it.

So these are my favourites, but there are so many to chose from that there are bound to be ones that I have forgotten about. Leave in the comments what your favourite Christmas films are.

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