Top 5 Most DISAPPOINTING Releases of 2020

Isn’t it just the worst when you get yourself all hyped up for a film that you are expecting to be great, and then something about it just falls flat? Whether it be a messy plot, underwhelming acting, lack of chemistry, dodgy CGI, so many things can make a film a disappointing experience. There are by no means the worst films I saw this year, those films have a list all of their own coming next week, these are the films that I just felt let me down, that I wanted to give a higher rating to but just couldn’t do it for one reason or another. I am sorry if I am disappointed in some of your favourites, but not everything can be a winner right? Let me know what films let you down this year, and without further ado, lets get on with the list.

5. Mank

I am a huge lover of Biopics, and I am a lover of the golden era of Hollywood. So I thought that I would just get absorbed into this one. Sure I wasn’t sold on the stylistic decision to shoot it in Black and White, I thought it seemed a little pretentious, but I thought the film itself would distract me from that.

I was instead left feeling a little bored. There was no real plot to speak of, nothing exciting really happened, and while it is a great love letter to that age in Hollywood and to Citizen Kane, the film really needed more substance to really capture my heart, and it didn’t deliver that.

4. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

I knew that this was going to be a mind bender of a a film going in, the trailer gave me that impression right from the get go. But the trailer also gave me the impression it was going to be creepy and spooky, and intense.

Instead what I got was something that was so unfathomable, that I basically gave up on it making any sense about half way through. It made itself obnoxiously obtuse and didn’t even try to hide the fact. I love films that challenge the audience, but I do enjoy films that make me fell dumb. And this film just made me feel dumb.

3. Bill and Ted Face the Music

Some Sequels film your soul with childish glee, especially if it had been a while since the last instalment in the franchise. And sometimes, those sequels have been left a little too late, are blatant cash grabs, and just never manage to capture the same magic as their predecessors. That for me was Bill and Ted.

The jokes are just rehashed from previous movies. Having their daughters basically be female versions of themselves was a really lazy writing decision as it added nothing new to the trilogy. Reeves and Winter, as much as I love them both, are now a little too old to be playing these roles, and if their daughters had to be in the film, maybe THEY should have had a more focal role.

2. Black Water: Abyss

I was initially bummed when my local cineworld opted not to show this film. I love a good creature feature, and team that up with the claustrophobic setting and how much I loved the 47 Meters Down movies, I thought this was going to be a sure winner.

Oh How wrong I was. I watched this pretty soon after it was released on Netflix, and instead of a sure winner, I was left bored and uninspired. The scted was clunky, and average at best. The shaky camera work and erratic lighting made seeing anything at all kind of hard, so the atmosphere just never built the way they were hoping it would. You never really get a good shot of what it is they are hunting for and the whole thing just felt very generic. Big let down.

1. New Mutants

What else is there to be said about this film that was perpetually caught up in development hell. There was all the potential in the world for this film to be a success. If you over look the slow decline of the popularity of any of the Marvel films involving Mutants that is.

When I first saw the trailer for this god knows how long ago, I was super excited for it. It was trying to be something new, and dark with a complete tonal change from a lot of Marvel’s other properties. But it’s stalled releases seriously diminished the hype, the plot was messy, and even with a cast as great as this, who we have seen do great things, there was just no real substance to it. No other film disappointed me quite as much as this one.

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