Cops and Robbers (2020) Review

Incredibly impactful despite it’s very short runtime, this is a very important one for everyone to watch to get a good idea of how black people feel in America right now.

Certificate: 15

Director: Arnon Manor, Timothy Ware-Hill

Screenwriter: Timothy Ware-Hill

Starring: Timothy Ware-Hill

Genre: Animation, Short

Runtime: 7 Minutes

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewed by: Pearl

The Black Lives Matter campaign has been in the forefront of every news outlet this year. More than ever before Black and Minority peoples all over the world are speaking out against the racial injustices and prejudices that they experience in their everyday lives. As a White female, I will never understand what this level of discrimination is like, all I can do is try and educate myself and change the way that I think and act if necessary. Little short films like this go a long way to publicize what is happening, particularly in America.

Throughout this short film, a mixed media presentation including live action film, animation and stop motion, Timothy Ware-Hill is reciting a poem that he wrote, about his and other Black people’s experiences in America. How he wishes he could go back to being a kid when he didn’t have to worry about the prejudice and violence and he could just enjoy being a kid. Lamenting that kids now have so much more to worry about then he did regarding racial violence, mass incarceration and police brutality. For obvious reasons this year, Police Brutality is of particular focus in this film, constantly questioning why it happens and what it’s consequences are.

Not only is the visual style of this film really eye-catching, flowing from live action, to animation and back seamlessly. But the hard-hitting subject matter and the beautiful, sometimes heart-breaking animations themselves meant that I could not take my eyes of the screen. For a really short and relatively simple piece of film making, this short packs a lot into it’s six minutes and really leaves an impact with you after you have watched it. A must watch.

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